Bathroom Remodeling Planning Details

Bathroom Remodeling Planning Details

Planning a new bathroom? Understanding the details involved in remodeling is what will bring you success. What are these details? Read this article for the answers and understand that planning is what will give you the desired results when your bathroom remodeling is complete.

Planning Your New Design
When remodeling your home layout the cost increases compared to leaving your existing design. Do you desire to have a new layout? Talking with expert remodeling contractors is one method to understand what is involved and the best method to get an accurate estimate. Before talking with them know what design you desire if your budget allows modification of your bath layout. Reviewing free online bathroom designs and printing out layouts similar to your home setting is one great method to show the remodeling contractor what you have in mind.

Cabinet Selection
Your design will determine what size vanity and linen cabinets to include. Contemporary medicine cabinets add decoration and convenient storage with top side lighting and shining decorative galley rails. One important bath remodeling consideration will be your cabinetry style. Talking with your local lumberyard or home improvement professionals will pin point the cabinet style that is right for your home.

New Flooring Planning
Options for bathroom flooring include vinyl, tile, stone, and laminate. Although laminate is used in bath areas consider this option very carefully as water may cause damage. A good quality vinyl flooring may stand the test of time with out the extra investment of tile or stone options. Cleaning grout lines is another negative factor with quality stone and tile flooring although the convenient warmth of heated tiles along with the durability has many including this luxury into their homes.

Planning your New Lighting
A simple light included with the bathroom exhaust fan just is not enough unless you have a small half bath. Having a sparkling new bathroom includes lighting up the room. A traditional method is large strip lighting with 6 or more light bulbs although track lighting, hanging lights, and wall mounted accent lighting, and under cabinet lights provide more contemporary touches.

Tubs and Showers
Oval spas and corner whirlpool tubs add a sense of elegance to new bathrooms. Understand there are a few maintenance concerns over time with whirlpool tubs. A popular option for a time has been antique claw foot soaking tubs. Traditional standard size 60 and 66 inch tub shower combinations are the more popular options for new bathrooms although a standard tub with a tiled surround is another economical approach. Walk in showers add elegance and curved glass block walls with inner lighting may highlight contemporary master baths.

Bathroom Accessories
The final touches make the bathroom remodeling complete. Having theme based bath accessory sets is popular. What in the world is a theme based bath? This simply means having a theme- With a kids bath you may go with Winnie the Pooh, a golfer may go with golf items, and dolphins and sea shells are both popular options for theme sets. Write a list of each of the items to include which may include large mirrors, decorative bath furniture cabinets, toilet paper holders, towel bars, clothing hooks, towel warmer racks, bath mats and rugs, and shower curtains.

If we are missing any information or if there is anything else related to bathroom planning you would like to see on this website please leave a comment! Thanks!

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