Online Success!
How To BOOST Your Online Sales By 30-150% In The Next 30 Days

Affiliate Marketing Drives Success
Fact or

Sales are the driving force of your business. Sales keeps your business and employees going, and sales and marketing is what is moving you closer to your desired goals and success. Without Sales your business would not exist.

What is the purpose of this article? Learning "Online Sales" and how you can BOOST your online sales by 30-150% in the next 30 days by simply implementing a success strategy.

Can this really happen? Sources say - Yes!
If you know how and are willing the learn the steps it takes to get it done.

TOP Internet marketers use this strategy to build their online empires effortlessly. Want to joint them?

You can do the same although it may be a headache learning the ropes - once it it mastered... Success and more success the experts say!

This online strategy for successful entrepreneurs will build your online empire and your online sales. Do you want to know one of the most effective traffic generating tactics on the Internet?

Do You Want To Know? I hope by now I have your attention.

We know we need promote our business or businesses online. We also know we need to get it in front of our target market. This is what keeps our business in existence.

Do we agree?
Yes? Good.

We first of all need to understand several marketing tactics:
SEO or Search Engine Optimization
Traffic Exchanges

We need to get our Products, Services, and Business Opportunities in front of our target market. Yes - Successful marketing tactics are needed to survive online.

Do these methods take time to learn and time to implement?
Yes they do. Some Internet marking methods cost money and the marketing methods that works best for you may depend on your marketing budget. The list of marketing methods may not even get you the successful desired results you desire.

Great News! This marketing strategy will take all that away. There is time and learning involved. When the learning is mastered you will build you an online sales force that will send your website hundreds, and thousands of qualified visitors. This strategy will cost you absolutely Nothing, and bringing in those much needed sales and the success desired.

And The Answer To Your Success is...
Affiliate Programs!

If you who don't know what an Affiliate Program is this is a simple way for companies to extend and distribute their products and services online. These online companies use a sales force made up of other web sites.

This strategy is used by almost all who are serious about their online business when this marketing strategy is implemented properly it could send your online sales through the roof.

When you have your own Affiliate Program it gives you the ability to find and recruit online affiliates. These affiliates will market your product, market your service or business opportunity at their expense and time. This successful marketing strategy will cost us nothing. You give in exchange a cut of the profits to the affiliate in return. This is usually a percentage of the sales (Often around 10%) or a set price such as $14 for the sale.

With more affiliates our sales and our online success will increase. As affiliates increase, they will send hundreds to thousands of qualified targeted visitors.

Giving a small percentage of the sales back to the affiliate is a great idea! Wouldn't you agree?

Imagine having 200 marketing affiliates working full time promoting your products! They are all working on sending online traffic to your website increasing your online sales! And this is website traffic that you had to do nothing to get! Now they are bringing you in those much needed sales and bringing your business Online Marketing Success!

Do We See The Big Picture?
This may be a BIG step. This may be what what we need to take our online business to the next level and reach sales and marketing success.

Will you make a decision on whether or not affiliate marketing is something you would like to pursue? Once the facts are established, the planning is in place, and the numbers are calculated, I think we will agree and our online sales will soar.

I sincerely hope you have benefited from this article. May it inspire us to open your eyes to planning to add this great marketing success strategy - Affiliate Marketing - and determine the best methods for growing our business.

Note: This Is Perhaps Good Information That I Have Put Together From a Few Different Sources and am Currently Verifying. Please let me know your marketing success strategies and what you have found to be successful. To Date we have not personally got into the affiliate game, and would love to know your thoughts and your suggestions for us on affiliate marketing. Is there room for affiliates in the Remodeling Industry?

After Reading this Article Please Comment!


Best Online Search Engine Optimization Techniques and Top Website SEO Tips

Learning the Best Search Engine Techniques Together
For You Top Dog SEO Masters - Please Comment!
Will You Help Teach Us Your Best Search Engine Secrets?
Rest of world - Lets learn SEO from the best experts.

Best Search Engine Techniques - Top Ten Optimization Techniques

The Top Ten Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Finding the Best Cost Effective Ways to drive traffic to our web sites

One of the best effective methods for your dollar amount is to optimize the site for search engines.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

1 - SEO - Optimization

What does this mean?
Automated programs called "crawlers" or "spiders" create a Web index.
They use this to determine what sites are the most relevant to the users' inquiries. In short - they go to your site, read the pages, follow the links, and continue this until the links end.

So - we now need to learn How to let "crawlers" crawl. Brian had a nice video on U tube explaining how one picture was the max he recommended per page sa a best SEO practice. Pictures take time to implement correctly, and often add clutter to even the best web sites. For those who are blogging online and reading SEO blogs especially... information and Content is what is desired. It is best to understand -Easy does it with the pictures.

2 Keywords and Keyword Frequency

Search Engine Optimization requires a keyword placement through out your web page. This search engine optimization factor takes real understanding. Search engines take into account the location and the frequency of keywords on your pages in determining your site's relevance. In order to get the SEO rankings desired a lot of my pages may need revisions with my keywords spread evenly through out the writings noting the exact number of Keywords so that good rankings can implement search engine optimization success.

The paragraph above SEO tips stated in short:
Have Proper Use, Location, and Frequency of Keywords.

3 - SEO Requires A Good Domain Name
For Your Best SEO -Get a Good Domain Name Including Your Key Words.

http://www.BrandsConstruction.com/Blogb2/ just does not cut it if the topic I am marketing is Search Engine Optimization. If this was one of my best areas I would do well to purchase a domain name with the words Search Engine Optimization or SEO included. I profess only intermediate experience in the SEO field, and know the best search engine optimization skills take years to master. My humble renderings here are only compiled knowledge from multiple sources of the SEO experts I will list.

This area of this SEO blog is geared to those looking to Develop Search Engine Optimization skills Learn with me from my mistakes as I share what I learn here on the best Search Engine Optimization practices. This is only a learning area for myself as well as a SEO review area with the bestl SEO links I have found here for review when Search Engine Optimization sites are needed to review the best SEO practices. This said - I hope the content you have found here is good enough to keep you returning this way and saving our site to your favorites, even with out the title Search Engine Optimization Master, SEO Expert Advice, or Search Engine School. But I Won't Go Far With Out The Best Website Name! Plan - Your Best Possible Domain Name!

4 Best SEO Titles are Titles that are Keyword "Rich"

Personally I believe the only reason the word "rich" is linked to as a keyword is because of the popularity of the word "rich". People want to get "rich" fast so a writer started writing keyword "rich" to have his keyword "rich" count add up quickly. I am professing my online SEO ignorance here :D.
It is Best to have Keyword-rich Title If You are selling Dogs a good Title for your page may be "Dogs For Sale". This would be a Keyword Rich Title. Simple Enough eh? Now the real SEO Search Engine Optimization best practices. Here comes the headache for beginner web masters. Meta elements are trickier.

5 SEO and META Elements

The very term META may scare us and have even the best of us shaking in confusion. Once we get past that our understanding of SEO and proper use of META tags will fall into place. A few simple steps need to happen.
The META name="description" content="(short description of site).
The META name="keywords" content=" (a list of relevant keywords).

Think like the customers and choose specific keyword phrases to attract traffic and optimize your website for search engines. Tools are available to help us choose the best keyword phrases. Google AdWords, and Word-tracker, and others may help us find the right keywords. Please let me know your thoughts on what programs work best. If you are still reading you are doing better than 4 out 5 viewers. Search Engine Success will be yours with that attitude!

6 For the Best SEO Have - Content, content, content

Provide original Content and there will be benefits
I am told if you have good content you will find success and good placement with the search engines. I hope so because all this head scratching and reworking articles to try to make it perfectly clear sure gets old after a while. Then I read it the article the next day and do it all over again. Search Engine Optimization is kind of like having a Dog, only You have to clean up after yourself... :roll:

7 Links Backs Help Search Engine Optimization

Having lots of links to and from other web sites is called link popularity or link leverage. The quality of the links is important as well as the number of links for google search engine optimization. For top SEO practices link your own site properly together. Having working links starting from your home page to all of your pages is important for the best possible search engine optimization for your website.

8 Web-site Registering

When your website is built and optimized it is best to manually register your site with major search engines. Google, Yahoo, CMOZ, Look-Smart, Ask Jeeves, Live-Search are all great starting points. There also are services that will do this for a fee.

9 Avoid Search Engine Road Blocks
Websites made in frames make it difficult for the search engine crawlers to crawl. I personally think the search engines need to learn how to crawl better :D. However - looking at things from the search engines point of view - where would the loops stop if everything online was in frames?

10 Learning Patience is a Virtue
Learn the best techniques for search engine optimization. Diligently apply them each and every day having our goals in writing will help us in the end to find the search engine optimization success we are looking for! Working diligently on our search engine optimization skills we shall overcome in the end. We Shall Overcome! The hardships, the sweat, the tears, the stress, and all the struggles and turmoils of trying to learn proper SEO techniques will be worth some day! Then we will sit back and laugh at ourselves when we can see clearly the SEO techniques we struggled so hard to learn.

Please Comment! Let Us Know Any Advice and Your Thoughts.
Thank You For Reading!

Webmaster Guidelines I Read

Google Guidelines

Google Webmaster Guidelines by Brian


Yahoo Guidelines


I Have A Dream

...When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last! free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!" Martin Luther King Jr.


Google Status on Ranking Tricks
Search Engine Optimization

Search Optimization tricks?
What can improve Google Rankings?

Google does not like tricks.
Simple Enough I guess. Just avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings. But how do beginner blogs get started? We need a way to get our rankings up to make our hard work be worth while!

Google Webmaster Guidelines
puts it "a good rule of thumb is whether you would feel comfortable explaining what you've done to a website that competes with you. Another useful test is to ask "Does this help my users?" " O.K. I got the point - No Tricks! Well - What Can we do?

Is a link exchange a trick?
Stay away from link exchange schemes. Do get quality links from others in your field or "niche" as they say in the blog world.

Every beginner considers link schemes. Prior to reading on the issue I was considering it and even signed up for one such link place. What a waste of time! Everywhere you went someone was trying to place cookies on our computer and steal information. The links given were so crappy that direct requests had to be made to the search engines to please remove the links toward our site. The links may state your sites name - but they do not allow the browser to even click to your website.

Google and each of the Search Engines also consider hidden text and hidden links to be a trick.

Another thing Google states hurts rankings is sending automated queries their way. If I have a question wouldn't Google be the one to ask?

They are busy people, and millions of Mr. Small Joe Blows asking the same silly questions is just plain silly. We can go to forums and read the answers there. This however, is not what they are referring to. Google doesn't like Automated queries.

AUTOMATED queries refers to computer submissions of website URLs. Some programs will send your site to search engines saving you the burden of doing so. What is being referred to is Submitting over and over again please include my site WWW immediately or simply the website link to be included. The folks at Google must be really busy people to keep the millions of browsers happy - Correct?

Another Google "trick" is big web sites who have a recreation of web sites and who are including many multiple pages, sub domains, or domains with substantially duplicate content and then cross linking.

This was a concern of mine, and still is in part as in improving websites and recreating them for better viewing there is going to be multiple pages of duplicate content for a while. Also, when I finally get a page put together I want people to see the work because I'm proud of it!

Thank You For Reading! You are a Winner! I sincerely hope I am providing content you are looking for. Please do write a note on ways to improve and helpful suggestions!

It was a comfort to read a compliant from a person with lowered rankings for cross linking at the Google Webmasters Blog. The comfort was this individual had over 10,000 web sites! To the best of my understanding, For smaller websites - If you are providing useful original content at different websites you are O. K. Please correct me if this is wrong or you know differently. To the best of my knowledge they will not shut down a site because you are updating and have a few pages doubled for a while or the sites have different audiences completely.

The website readers you have at the one website shall we say your My Yahoo may be a totally different viewing audience than the your Blogger Google site. If you are a smaller blogger or web developer developing different sites with good content may increase your web rankings by developing cross traffic.

Keywords is Key was the focus in our MSN Rankings Article.
Too Many Keywords is the Key to being known as a "trickster" and silly rabbit, "tricks" is for kids says Google and you get stuffed in the big black hat and disappear.

Too much information here isn't there? Sorry - This article is not working out to be as clear as I would have hoped for the amount of time invested in it. I will look at it later and see what can be better and appreciate your input.

Let us Hearken Unto the Summary of the Matter:
Note - This is an Opinion - Not Official From Google :-).

If you try ranking "tricks"
Google Says Silly, silly Rabbit - "Tricks is for Kids"
Then Google stuffs you into their big black hat and you disappear.

Google's Silly Rabbit "tricks"
- Hidden text and hidden links
- Cloaking and sneaky redirects
- Loading pages with irrelevant Keywords
- Creating Mega Web Sites of duplicate content
- Malicious Behavior such as phishing, installing Trojans, or bad-ware
- Doorway pages created for search engines
- Affiliate programs with out original content
- Web sites that do not provide Relevant Original Content

Making Money on a Beginner Blog

Making Money Blogging for the Beginning Blogger

Blog money and how to make it.
This is the Question. Lets find Answers!

Learning Top Blog Ranking Practices

What I am trying to learn with you in this blog is the best practices for marketing and improving rankings with Google, Yahoo, and MSN the BIG three as they say.
What do we all want? To make Money! Right?

First Of all - Google and the other experts state you have to be established as "An Expert" in the Field of which you learning.

This said - This section of my Blog area should not be here! My Question - Can we learn together? Share the best sites we come across? By doing so is it possible to defeat what they are saying? An older fellow once quoted the words of his son. "I have learned everything you taught me Dad" he told his father. I have also picked up a little on my own so Now I am smarter than you!

This said - if we all share what we know we can all indeed be wiser.

Quick Topic -Scamming and Spamming directed toward each beginner blogger. We all want to get our site out there! Stop - Think it through, and plan useful ways to promote your site which also benefits the other sites.

I would like this to be a place where beginner bloggers who do not spam like to stop in and learn together! Those who spam and those who scam will lose in the end. If you spam think it through? Would you want others to have spam on your website?

Do you scam? Would you want someone to steal your hard earned money? If you worked for a week, a month, or a year to perfect your website would you want 20 one line sentences of go to my website at www.www.com NOW on your site? In my humble estimation, Scamming and Spamming and those looking to spam and scam are wasting time. Beginning bloggers simply need to understand why not to spam, and how to direct their focuses in other useful directions.

Why not focus this energy on marketing with articles?
Marking with a purpose? However we do need to learn about what spam is so we are not included in this category by mistake when we work hard at promoting our niches and our areas of expertise.

Can We Help the beginner Blogger Here?
Can We teach what we have learned and saved them the headache and the mistakes we made? I think we can and in doing so will learn even more ourselves from each other.

I Am Not An Expert... Please move on to "Experts" who will share with you Instantly how to make millions in minutes as you contribute to his millions with the ten dollars that he has sucked in times 100,000 to get his first million. Our earnings are often under $1,000.00 per month. This is better than nothing - still blogging and advertising does takes a lot of time! Google is helping to cover advertising expenses and hopefully we are providing useful content in return.

However, How Do the Big Blogs make money? How can we get there? Can we do it together?

I wrote an earlier article mimicking others trying to draw in the smaller crowd of Stumble-Upon following the advice of a couple authors who probably just mimicked another article before that. I am not sure if I have destroyed the article get or not... it did have important qualities in the article relating to affiliate marketing. Usefullness and good content I believe will outdo silly games like that long term.

The goal here is to learn how to develop and perfect effective money making and blogging practices such as affiliate marketing.

What Do we All Want?

To help each other right! Don't kid yourself. We all can be greedy, covetous, self seeking, money desiring jerks. However - When we work hard to answer questions and provide useful quality content and useful information - Then - perhaps then we will win the battle.

The bigger the need, the better the idea they say.

I will continue to share what I learn on best making money blog practices and use this as my public storage bin of ideas and
look forward to the rest of you doing the same.

May we learn to follow and apply a few of life's lessons:

Prepare, Enjoy Yourself, and Smile!

With Respect

Accentuate the Positive

And Share Together What We Learn On How To Blog!

Please Comment :D

MSN Search Engine Optimization

Is MSN Really Above Google Search?
Is Yahoo Number Two?

Why MSN is the Number One Choice for Home Builders
The Reason MSN Search Marketing Should Be Your Priority

The Understanding Home Building Blog Journal Article

SEO (Search Engine Marketing) and Marketing with MSN

Blog Building for the Remodeling and Home Building World
Search Engine Optimization Success with Blogging
Why MSN Search Optimization Ranking is important.

Being directly involved in the understanding home building
and remodeling success forums and blogs is a primary focus for myself. The goal of this article however is to help those looking to improve search engine optimization rankings as well as a primary focus on finding success with blog ranking and show why MSN rankings are important in search engine optimization.

The Blog world for the real estate market and the home building industry has really taken off and is now an established effective tool for sales and marketing. This is becoming a predominant success force in the real estate market even in the smaller home remodeling industry. The demand in the real estate market for being included in the blog world may be a very significant item for your growth in these fields. Stressed heavily is the high rankings needed on Google and Yahoo commonly known as the power players or the two main forces in rankings on the web. For blogs in the Home Building and real-estate areas I am stressing leaning more in the direction of MSN.

In the home building and home remodeling blogging world after researching many blogs (List of resources is after this article ) the evidence strongly is leaning toward successful blog effectiveness being better with MSN!

Why is the MSN Search Engine optimization so important?

MSN has taken a remarkable stride in its search engine optimization
by targeting the younger generation including the beginning web site developers. The Microsoft Corporation has a potential marketing power that is starting to take effect. How? One prevailing way is when they included MSN Search into the home version of Windows XP. So those who have purchased a new computer (Younger Couples) are often searching via the MSN Search Engine option.

Who builds and buys homes? Younger Couples! They most likely purchased a computer recently including a Windows XP home package with MSN included.

Now that we have concluded to include MSN at the top of our search engine success strategies, the focus of this article is how to get top optimization with the search engine optimization force of MSN.

There are many elements to cover which will take time, understanding, and planning (To Do It , To Do It, To Do It, To Do IT, Right Job!)
( Sorry - a Silly Song from the 80's? in my head) If you know the title or the author could you write a foot note?

What Can Help Us Shed Light and Find Success at Proper Search Engine Optimization?

When planning optimization for search engines and especially your MSN search rankings, consider placing heavy emphasis on using on page success techniques. Similar to the Yahoo search engine, MSN appears to favor on page content. This means if you have good content your rankings will improve. Keywords and keyword density is important in your quest of improvement and building your MSN Search Engine Rankings.

Paying close attention to your choice of URLs, page titles, and web site descriptions all appear to be very important when desiring understanding of building high search engine optimizations.

Incoming link anchor text is also something to pay close attention to . Building a keyword rich anchor text provides a solid foundation for your search engine results. Good anchor text building will pay off with all the major search engines. Mixing up the anchor text is good for your success as over use of any one keyword phrase may cause suspicion and lower your rankings. Splitting your anchor text between a few phrases will help to provide you success in your search engine placement for more than one search term. This Variety may benefit you and even give you success including extra traffic from areas you did not expect!


You are Still Reading!
With Such Diligence You Will Find the success You Are Looking For!

Include Forums and Blogs

Forums and Blogs are also credited on MSN and if you choose to add a blog to your site this inclusion will add to your success of search engine optimization. Keywords are important to MSN so be sure to explore the best ways for your keyword placement techniques and you will find success. While the use of keywords on your pages is important remember it is of equal importance to use your keywords on your page title and in your website URL.

MSN is likely to reward up to triple the keyword density preferred by Google. To achieve search engine success optimization success involves finding the best balance between Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

If you are in the home building, real estate, or remodeling trade industry and looking to build your own website or blogging forum be sure to find ways to include your keywords into your Title Tags. MSN along with Google and Yahoo prefer a separate and Unique Title Tag fore every page on your website. Listing keyword after keyword after keyword will get you discounted for spam techniques so be sure to avoid this for your best search engine optimization.

Google gives little value to meta tags while Yahoo and MSN place solid value on the use meta tags. Provide unique meta tags for every page. A common mistake is using the same meta tags for all the web pages. Using four to five of the most important tags only may help your search engine optimization. If three keyword tags cover the topic this is better yet. The three to five keyword use has been considered and generally is the best practice.

This policy has had talk of changing due to the frequent use of larger search phrases. If you are aware of recent changes with the big three of Google, Yahoo, and MSN in regards to the number of tags recommended to use please let me know. Until this happens the three to five keyword range is recommended.

Remember the main Focus of MSN is your on page content. Do Not Forget
About your Off Page Optimization. When your off page content is in sync with your on page content this is when things fall into place and your search optimization becomes a success.

What is Off Page Content? Link Anchor text for incoming web sites should be here to ensure success. With MSN although link anchors are not as important as they are to Google, the link anchor text is more important to MSN than the links themselves. Keyword phrases included in your anchor text is more important than the keyword anchors themselves.

The Summary Of the Matter:

MSN will reward frequent keyword use if you are careful not to get carried away where you reach the level of spam. Paying close attention to your Page Titles, your Meta Tags, Page Descriptions, and your Keyword Density as well as using your keywords in your page URLs are all very important for your search engine optimization success.

In addition to this the use of keyword rich anchor text for incoming links is another search engine strategy that must be utilized correctly, and is a solid factor that will hold some weight for each of the big three as we mentioned of Google, Yahoo and MSN.

If you are in the Home Building or Home Remodeling field
you may find more success when you apply your focus on finding the best optimization with MSN rather than Google or Yahoo. Younger couples are those who are building homes and remodeling and often browse with original Windows packaging on their Home computers from Microsoft.

Also Review



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