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MSN Search Engine Optimization MSN Google Yahoo Search Engine Ranking Tips For Better Search Engine Rankings


MSN Search Engine Optimization MSN Google Yahoo Search Engine Ranking Tips For Better Search Engine Rankings

MSN Search Engine Optimization

Is MSN Really Above Google Search?
Is Yahoo Number Two?

Why MSN is the Number One Choice for Home Builders
The Reason MSN Search Marketing Should Be Your Priority

The Understanding Home Building Blog Journal Article

SEO (Search Engine Marketing) and Marketing with MSN

Blog Building for the Remodeling and Home Building World
Search Engine Optimization Success with Blogging
Why MSN Search Optimization Ranking is important.

Being directly involved in the understanding home building
and remodeling success forums and blogs is a primary focus for myself. The goal of this article however is to help those looking to improve search engine optimization rankings as well as a primary focus on finding success with blog ranking and show why MSN rankings are important in search engine optimization.

The Blog world for the real estate market and the home building industry has really taken off and is now an established effective tool for sales and marketing. This is becoming a predominant success force in the real estate market even in the smaller home remodeling industry. The demand in the real estate market for being included in the blog world may be a very significant item for your growth in these fields. Stressed heavily is the high rankings needed on Google and Yahoo commonly known as the power players or the two main forces in rankings on the web. For blogs in the Home Building and real-estate areas I am stressing leaning more in the direction of MSN.

In the home building and home remodeling blogging world after researching many blogs (List of resources is after this article ) the evidence strongly is leaning toward successful blog effectiveness being better with MSN!

Why is the MSN Search Engine optimization so important?

MSN has taken a remarkable stride in its search engine optimization
by targeting the younger generation including the beginning web site developers. The Microsoft Corporation has a potential marketing power that is starting to take effect. How? One prevailing way is when they included MSN Search into the home version of Windows XP. So those who have purchased a new computer (Younger Couples) are often searching via the MSN Search Engine option.

Who builds and buys homes? Younger Couples! They most likely purchased a computer recently including a Windows XP home package with MSN included.

Now that we have concluded to include MSN at the top of our search engine success strategies, the focus of this article is how to get top optimization with the search engine optimization force of MSN.

There are many elements to cover which will take time, understanding, and planning (To Do It , To Do It, To Do It, To Do IT, Right Job!)
( Sorry - a Silly Song from the 80's? in my head) If you know the title or the author could you write a foot note?

What Can Help Us Shed Light and Find Success at Proper Search Engine Optimization?

When planning optimization for search engines and especially your MSN search rankings, consider placing heavy emphasis on using on page success techniques. Similar to the Yahoo search engine, MSN appears to favor on page content. This means if you have good content your rankings will improve. Keywords and keyword density is important in your quest of improvement and building your MSN Search Engine Rankings.

Paying close attention to your choice of URLs, page titles, and web site descriptions all appear to be very important when desiring understanding of building high search engine optimizations.

Incoming link anchor text is also something to pay close attention to . Building a keyword rich anchor text provides a solid foundation for your search engine results. Good anchor text building will pay off with all the major search engines. Mixing up the anchor text is good for your success as over use of any one keyword phrase may cause suspicion and lower your rankings. Splitting your anchor text between a few phrases will help to provide you success in your search engine placement for more than one search term. This Variety may benefit you and even give you success including extra traffic from areas you did not expect!


You are Still Reading!
With Such Diligence You Will Find the success You Are Looking For!

Include Forums and Blogs

Forums and Blogs are also credited on MSN and if you choose to add a blog to your site this inclusion will add to your success of search engine optimization. Keywords are important to MSN so be sure to explore the best ways for your keyword placement techniques and you will find success. While the use of keywords on your pages is important remember it is of equal importance to use your keywords on your page title and in your website URL.

MSN is likely to reward up to triple the keyword density preferred by Google. To achieve search engine success optimization success involves finding the best balance between Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

If you are in the home building, real estate, or remodeling trade industry and looking to build your own website or blogging forum be sure to find ways to include your keywords into your Title Tags. MSN along with Google and Yahoo prefer a separate and Unique Title Tag fore every page on your website. Listing keyword after keyword after keyword will get you discounted for spam techniques so be sure to avoid this for your best search engine optimization.

Google gives little value to meta tags while Yahoo and MSN place solid value on the use meta tags. Provide unique meta tags for every page. A common mistake is using the same meta tags for all the web pages. Using four to five of the most important tags only may help your search engine optimization. If three keyword tags cover the topic this is better yet. The three to five keyword use has been considered and generally is the best practice.

This policy has had talk of changing due to the frequent use of larger search phrases. If you are aware of recent changes with the big three of Google, Yahoo, and MSN in regards to the number of tags recommended to use please let me know. Until this happens the three to five keyword range is recommended.

Remember the main Focus of MSN is your on page content. Do Not Forget
About your Off Page Optimization. When your off page content is in sync with your on page content this is when things fall into place and your search optimization becomes a success.

What is Off Page Content? Link Anchor text for incoming web sites should be here to ensure success. With MSN although link anchors are not as important as they are to Google, the link anchor text is more important to MSN than the links themselves. Keyword phrases included in your anchor text is more important than the keyword anchors themselves.

The Summary Of the Matter:

MSN will reward frequent keyword use if you are careful not to get carried away where you reach the level of spam. Paying close attention to your Page Titles, your Meta Tags, Page Descriptions, and your Keyword Density as well as using your keywords in your page URLs are all very important for your search engine optimization success.

In addition to this the use of keyword rich anchor text for incoming links is another search engine strategy that must be utilized correctly, and is a solid factor that will hold some weight for each of the big three as we mentioned of Google, Yahoo and MSN.

If you are in the Home Building or Home Remodeling field
you may find more success when you apply your focus on finding the best optimization with MSN rather than Google or Yahoo. Younger couples are those who are building homes and remodeling and often browse with original Windows packaging on their Home computers from Microsoft.

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