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Sizes of Kitchens Ventilation Exhaust Fans

Sizes of Kitchens Ventilation Exhaust Fans

Kitchen Exhaust Hoods are attractive in modern kitchens.
Kitchens with the most attractive looking hood for exhaust fans (ventilation fan) must still have a fan which is the right size and can move the right amount of air out of the kitchen.

Fans are sized by the amount of air moved in cubic feet per minute or CFM.

What are the guidelines when sizing your kitchen ventilation fan to suit your needs? Multiply the recommended CFM by the linear feet of cooking surface. Other factors: Length of ductwork, # of turns in the ductwork, and the location of the fan's motor also may contribute to the size of exhaust fan needed.

When Ranges and Cooktops are installed against a wall:
Kitchen's cook does light cooking - 40 CFM
Moderate to lots of cooking - 100 to 150 CFM

When Ranges and Cooktops are installed in islands and peninsula cabinets: Kitchen's cook does light cooking: 50 CFM
Moderate to lots of cooking - 150 to 300 CFM

Another option is a hood-less downdraft ventilation system. This is often used with island cabinet cooktops. The hood-less ventilation system forces air above the burners through a filter, and then out of the house through ductwork (Metal Piping)

Although the down draft system is not as functional as a hooded system is a step up from a ductless fan, which is usually not effective.

Ideally your kitchen's range hood should overlap the cooking surface by 3 inches on each side and sit 24 to 30 inches above the range.

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Portions of material was edited from:
Design Ideas for Kitchens by Creative Homeowner 2005
Nice Job! Kathie Robitz, Staff Glee Barre, Lauren Manoy, and Roger Hillstrom, with author Susan Boyle Hillstrom. The book is available for sale or at your local library. You can also check out their website. I encourage you to go to your local library for picture books such as this one as you plan your new kitchen.


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