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Common New Kitchen Sink Sizes and Types

Planning New Kitchen Sink Sizes

Planning is essential for success for a new kitchen.
Not understanding the simplest of items such as what sink style you desire before you start your new kitchen remodel - Could Sink You! :D (Battleship Illustration - The Game - Does Anyone Know What I'm Talking About?) Please Comment - Yes Or No - in the comment box after this article! You may have to click on the little page icon to view the permanent link for this page to leave a comment.

Be sure to understand your goals before you start your kitchen remodel, and do your planning - which hopefully the sink sizes given here help you with!

Save our kitchen planning website pages to your favorites! Review the information - apply it, and you will find success with your new kitchen!

Standard Sink Sizes For Planning Kitchens

Sink Type Single Bowl

Sink Width 25 Inches
Sink Depth 21 -22 Inches
Sink Deepness 8 -9 Inches equals Height

Sink Type Double Bowl
Width 33, 36 Inches
Depth 21 -22 Inches
Height 8 -9 Inches

Sink Type Side Disposal
Width 33 Inches
Depth 21 -22 Inches
Height 8 -9 Inches

Sink Type Triple Bowl
Width 33 Inches
Depth 21 -22 Inches
Height 6, 8, 10 Inches

Sink Type - Corner Sink
Width 17 -18 Inches
Depth 11-21 Inches
Height 8 -9 Inches

Sink Type - Bar Sink
Width 15 -25 Inches
Depth 15 Inches
Height 5 1/2 -6 Inches

Stainless Steel Sinks

New Kitchen Pictures

Common Sink Types



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Common New Kitchen Sink Sizes and Types June 18 2008 by Build Writewell


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