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Kitchen Safety - Avoid Top 5 Hazards - Kitchen Safety Lesson

Kitchen Safety Lesson 3
Kitchen Shock Hazards

Kitchen Safety-

Safety gets old doesn't it? All this talk about safety? Am I starting to sound like your Grandma? :D

Safety is not a big deal is it? UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU! If it was your daughter who was helping you wash the dishes in your kitchen's sink and a volt of electricity zapped her and you no longer have a child - perhaps then the safety I writing about will sink in.

Following safety procedures and understanding is in the general interest of anyone willing to take the time to learn throughout the entire home and every area of life! Do not limited your safety knowledge to the kitchen mistakes listed to prevent dangerous kitchens.

I am not one who likes upper class snobby people. And I can safely say (For Now) from the safety of my office I will not apologize to those of you who are upper class educated snobs either!

When I write I do my best best to put it into simple terms anyone can understand. Being educated on certain items however, such as general safety for kitchen and bath areas is needed. Being educated is most certainly a good thing - with out the snob portion. The safety lesson for the day is - Avoiding Shock Hazards!

Top 5 Kitchen Shock Hazard Safety Mistakes
Avoiding Shock Hazards

Kitchen Shock Hazard Safety Mistake 1
Spraying water into outlets when cleaning
Water and Electricity - Uh-uh- NO!

Kitchen Safety Hazard Mistake 2
Kitchen's without GFCI safety electrical outlets.
Have GFCI outlets and be sure they test correctly.

Kitchen Shock Safety Hazard Mistake 3
Cleaning appliances or servicing appliances plugged in.

Kitchen Safety Hazard Mistake 4
Keeping radios, coffee makers, and electrical devices near sinks.
They could get wet or fall in - Zzzappping ya!

Kitchen Shock Hazard Safety Mistake 5
Prying bread from toasters with knives or other metal utensils.

There you have it!
Simple Reminders of the Top 5 Electrical Safety violations in kitchens.

Kitchen Safety Lesson 3
Kitchen Shock Hazards

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Kitchen Safety - Avoid Top 5 Hazards - Kitchen Safety Lesson, Author Daryl Brands on 06/25/08


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