New Garage Building Sizing Tips with Free Garage Floor Plan Designs

New Garage Building Sizing Tips
With Free Garage Floor Plan Designs

Determining the size of your new garage is an extremely important decision. How to size the garage for your needs is the question we will answer.

Tip 1 Create a list of all the items that will be placed into the new garage.

Tip 2 Measure an existing garage and determine additional space needed.

Tip 3 Lay out all the items that will be placed in your new garage on the ground as they would be stored in the garage and then measure what size building is desired.

Tip 4 If your property allows you to go to a bigger size garage allow room for future and missed items.

Tip 5 After you have determined a general garage size verify the size with common garage floor plan designs.

Tip 6 Talk with your local zoning department.

Tip 7 Communicate your desires with reputable builders

1 Make a list and check it twice
Be sure to plan the new garage around your needs. Writing a list and checking it twice including each of the items with the sizes that will be placed into the new building is the best way to make sure the new garage is exactly the correct size for your needs.

2 Measure an existing garage
Do you have an existing garage you will be demolishing? Measure it up and add the extra distances you will be needing. Do you need a wider space for opening the car doors comfortably? Add the distance which may be 4' leaving 2' on each side for extra room and additional storage. Do you desire a work bench on one wall? Add another 2 feet.

3 Lay out all the items
After you have a list made up lay out the items in your yard pretending they are in the new garage. You may have to drive your cars to their storage location first. Perhaps you will desire to use your wheel barrow to help move the smaller items into their locations. A garden hose may help you layout the approximate exterior wall location and you may even desire to place boards where the doorways will be.

4 Make the garage size a little bigger
Determine if you desire to add extra feet for future items such as adding a stall for another car when your child turns 18 or for that boat on your wish list. Sometimes we miss items such as the space desired for a washroom or for storage shelves. Leaving just a little extra room may be convenient if your budget allows.

5 Review common garage floor plan designs
After you have determined a general garage size verify the size with common garage floor plan designs. These plans are usually sized for being compatible with building material sizes.

6 Talk with your local zoning department
Talk with your local zoning department and/ or building inspector. They will also help you determine what size garage can be placed onto your property and help you understand what property setbacks are needed.

7 Communicate your desires with reputable builders.
A good builder will build the new garage for you, still understanding what size building is best for your needs is in your hands. Builders are men of habit and may suggest a 30x40 building simply because this is a common size garage and one they have built a few times. Builders may also help you by communicating for you with the local zoning department building inspector to find out what size garage is allowed on your property.

When you speak with builders be ready to answer a few questions.
Understand a few details such as is the roof style to be a gable roof or a gambrel roof? What size overhangs are desired? Short or no overhangs save dollars on the construction, still a 12? overhang with a 8" gable overhang may improve aesthetics as well as help in shedding water. A wall height is needed with 10? being a common height for larger garages and basic pole barns and 6? - 8? walls for small storage sheds. Other items to be included in the garage style is the number and size of windows, entry doors, and overhead garage doors. You will also need to answer the questions if glass lites are desired in the entry doors and overhead doors and where you would like them placed in the garage plan.


Free Garage Floor Plan Designs

32x60 Gambrel Horse Barn
36x60 Gable Horse Barn
36x60 L
70x70 Octagon

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