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Pole Barn Plans - Free Barn Building Blueprints

Pole Barn Plans - Free Barn Building Blueprints

Planning a Blueprint Size For a New Pole Barn Building

- List Each Item for your New Pole Barn with Sizes. Remember - Even if your new pole barn building is only a little detached outdoor barn for your backyard, You Still Need to Make a list of every indoor and outdoor storage item that will be placed in your new barn building. By planning your barn construction on paper - You are have detached the problem of - "This is Just Great! We need another pole barn building for our indoor items, there just isn't enough room for storage our outdoor tools which is the reason we were building the new pole barn!" Some code ordinances only allow one detached outbuilding anyway, so be sure to understand the blueprints and the best size pole barn building for your needs.

10 x 12
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Pole Barn Plans - Free Barn Building Blueprints

Are you finding the style of garage floor plans and the planning information you are looking for? If we are missing any information - Please comment - so we can add the information for future viewers - Thank You!



Comment from: Howard Guindon [Visitor]
Howard GuindonI didn't see a plan for a 16 x 24 Pole Barn.
Do you have such a plan? I plan to store two 4 wheelers, a lawn tractor and other items in it. I don't plan to construct a floor. I would want a 9 x 7 overhead door. If you you have any Pole Barn plans close to this, I'd be interested in obtaining them, Thanks, Howard

Hi Howard
http://www.GaragePlansforFree.com has the following album
with a 16x24 Plan however it is not a Pole Barn Plan.

Thanks for the comment - As time allows I add new plans to the collection and will consider adding a 16x24 pole barn plan in the future.
05/07/09 @ 21:59
Comment from: Mike Tucker [Visitor]
Mike TuckerWe need free 24 x 30 pole barn plans, one 12 foot sliding door, one 3 foot entrance door, and one 24 x 24 inch casement window. Can you help?

We do have 24x30 Barn Plans with a regular foundation.
Our 24x32 barn plan is for building a pole barn.

As another person below also requested a 24x30' pole barn plan I took the time to make up the following. I did switch the window size from a 24x24" to a 24x36" casement as this allows a better outside view from what might be a work bench area. Thanks for the comments!

24x30' Floor Plan
Top View
Cut View

05/26/09 @ 17:33
Comment from: Jack Leonard [Visitor]
Jack Leonardneed plans for a pole barn 36x36 with 12ft. lean too sheds on each side

Sorry - No lean too shed plans here yet. Perhaps we can place similar barn plans in the future. For now if you check with your local lumberyard they may be happy to draw you up your own set of free plans.

We do have 30x36 Plans and 30x40 barn plans.
06/14/09 @ 21:48
Comment from: Chris Thornton [Visitor]
Chris Thornton40X60 no plans to look at?

Hi Chris,

:D Thanks for the comment.

I took the time to add the following barn plan.

40 x 60 Barn Building Plan Design

09/22/09 @ 20:37
Comment from: Franky [Visitor]
FrankyVery thorough set of free pole barn plans you have here. I came across some good resources at http://www.cad-design-and-drafting-services.com/pole-barn-plans.html as well.

11/10/09 @ 15:49
Comment from: Barb Field [Visitor] Email
Barb FieldDo you have a free Pole Barn Plan /no floor for a 16'x16' Pole Barn ???????? Thanks

Sorry - We do not have this size Pole Barn plan.

Often in the smaller size buildings people will build them as movable storage buildings so we do not have these sizes in Pole Barn plan formats.

We have these plans for sheds that are Not pole barns

12'x24' Shed Plans

12'x16' Shed.

10'x12' Shed Plan
11/12/09 @ 12:13
Comment from: Colleen Aiello [Visitor]
Colleen AielloHI~

Looking for plans for a 32 x 32 pole barn...do you have any?


Thanks for the comment. I will leave your comment here and may try to add this size plan in the future, especially if there is more interest for a 32x32 plan.

For now you may view the following page of garage plans.

Pole Barn
30 x 34 Garage Building Plan Designs

Pole Barn
30 x 40 Garage Building Plan Designs

Not a Pole Barn
28 x 32 Garage Building Plan Designs
28 x 36 Garage Building Plan Designs
32 x26 Garage Plan Designs

You also have the option of having your local lumberyard customize plans for you when you know your general layout for the new pole barn Colleen.

Hope this helps!

12/15/09 @ 14:23
Comment from: terri [Visitor]
terriDo you have plans for a 2 story pole barn? that maybe 24' x 24' or something close to that, but does need to be 2 story please.

Thank you

Hi Terri

2 story pole barns have not been a main focus of our online plans unfortunately. The gambrel style garage plans usually have a second story although the rooms above the garage are smaller in width than the lower level plan.

If you find a garage floor plan that is not laid out as a pole barn your builder can still easily build the building for you as the lumberyard will also do a set of drawings and may make your adjustments to have your lay out be constructed to a pole barn.

This 24x32 pole barn design shows how the second story of the gambrel barn is smaller than the first level.
24x32 Pole Barn Framing

20x32 Garage

Gambrel 20 x 24 Shed

Gambrel 24 x 36 Pole Barn

Our 20x32 Garage Building Plan with Loft Design has two stories with a deck and stairs leading to the second story.

Wishing you the very best.

02/24/10 @ 19:10
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]
MattDidn't see a layout for a 24X40 pole barn.

Hi Matt

Sorry - No 24x40 pole barn plans yet. Our plans have standard size barns which fit materials which a 24x40 size building would do although perhaps 24' may seem a bit on the narrow side for a 40' long building. If you review the rest of our plans and can not find a plan that will fit your needs - Send an email with your exact desires such as door and window locations and I will see if time can be made to customize a floor plan for you. Your local lumberyard may also draw up customized plans for you.

The desired 24x40' building = 960 sq ft'

Our 28x36' barn has 1008 sq ft.
28x32' building has 896 sq ft

30x34 Pole Barn plan has 1020 sq ft



05/06/10 @ 13:41
Comment from: don [Visitor]
donWould like plans for a 24x27x8 post frame (pole barn/garage) with 2 9x7 overhead doors with eave entry,needing to know far apart the post should be for the overhead doors.

thank you

Hi Don,

Our 24x28 garage plans http://www.garageplansforfree.com/Free-garage-building-plans/thumbnails.php?album=15 have a layout close to the one you described with two 9 foot wide garage doors. The walls shown are 10' and the doors 8' tall yet these could be easily modified to 7' to fit your desired 8' tall ceiling.

To go to a pole barn layout your posts will be 8' on center for the 24' wall and 9' 4" or 7' o.c. for the 28' wall. Remember extra posts for the doorway openings and windows as desired.

The final rough opening should be equal to the width of the garage door or in this case 9 feet wide.

Garage Plans

Hope this helps.

Wishing you the very best.
07/18/10 @ 00:42
Comment from: tim garlinghouse [Visitor]
tim garlinghouseI am looking for a 24 x 30 pole barn with a 7 x 16 overhead door, 1-3 ft. man door, and 2-36 x 36 single hung window.

Hi Tim,

We have 24x30 Barn Plans with a regular foundation / Not a pole barn. This plan seems to fit your description well. Single hung windows are a great choice for pole barns - as the pricing increase for double hung windows stated on many plans just is not needed. Excellent point!

The 24x32 barn plans are for construction of a pole barn.

Your request is the second we have had for a 24x30 pole barn - I did add a 24x30' Floor Plan in the second comment also although I realize you would like to switch the door size from 12' to 16' and add a second window. Thanks!
02/16/11 @ 07:53
Comment from: Travis Lawson [Visitor]
Travis LawsonI need a pole barn to store my camper in. Do you have any 50 x 25 pole barn blue prints? or similar in size to that.

Hi Travis,

Before being able to find the right size plan for you the size of your camper is needed (Width, length, and height) with the other items you plan on storing in the new pole barn. It seems we do not have online pole barn plans with high door heights compatible for large RVs. If you use our plans as samples you will have to modify to a taller ceiling height and taller doors. Working with a local lumberyard, builder, or architect may be in your best interest after you determine everything to be in the new barn.

Builders often like to build in 4' increments for material sizing - 30x40' is a more common size pending on if 40' is long enough for your camper, 24x48' would be close to the stated size yet make sure 24' is not too narrow in width compared to the 48' length.

03/09/11 @ 17:58
Comment from: Gary Murray [Visitor]
Gary MurrayI need a pole barn to house goats so I need a pole barn that has six 15x15 stalls three on each side and a walk way down the middle with three stalls on one side and three on the other. What do you recommend for this?

Hi Gary,

This sounds like a pole barn that needs a plan specifically for your needs.

Think through everything before building - including future considerations.

I may be interested in creating a quick ideas plan for you - still eventually working with a local lumberyard / architect might be best.

For a plan - all information is needed.

Should storage bays be included in this barn?
A feed and bedding storage area? The size of this if desired?

Are these young goats or will milking equipment be here?
What would be the walk way width? ( The walk way wide enough for a skid steer to move in and out of the stalls easily? )

Will these stalls or some of them need doorways to the outside leading to pasture areas?

For the size of your barn it sounds like a 40x60 building http://www.garageplansforfree.com/Free-garage-building-plans/thumbnails.php?album=45 might work - still the plan will need modifications - perhaps going with 7'x8' overhead doors entering your walk way?

If you would like a free ideas plan designed specifically for you I may do this as we currently do not have any ideas for goats and I like having a variety of plan ideas. I will need all information such as wall heights and above questions answered.

04/21/11 @ 20:58
Comment from: Mandy [Visitor]
MandyI am looking for plans for a 32x24 "pole building design" storage with 13' walls that only has a 12x10 roll up door. Can you help??

Hello Mandy,

For the building plans - No windows or 3' entry doors - Just one 12x10 roll up door? On the side where the roof is sloped?

Thank you for getting back so quickly. The door is NOT on a side where the roof is sloped.

Thank You -
We emailed you a 32x24' pole barn floor plan with only a 12x10' overhead door centered in the building not on the gable end of the building. Hopefully this is what you are after - let us know if any modifications are desired.
06/23/11 @ 18:14
Comment from: Kane Smith [Visitor] Email
Kane SmithHi, I am building a 32x48 pole barn with 10 foot side walls and storage trusses. The homeowner requests LVL lamanated beams to be used. There will be two garage doors 8x10 and one man door. The garage doors will both be on the one 48' section. I was hoping to view some building plans for this project. Thank you so much for your consideration.


I enjoy creating simple sample plans for people and appreciate your comment. Right now I am staying fairly busy and it seems you desire your plans fairly soon. Thus if you are a builder you know working with your lumberyard is a great option once the details are confirmed with the homeower.

If you desire sample idea plans and are not in a terrible hurry let me know and I might be able to find time to create a design for you. Just let me know - Thanks!

07/12/11 @ 06:21
Comment from: PATRICK ADOLPH [Visitor]
PATRICK ADOLPHlooking for 30x100 plans even to build the truses any help

Hi Patrick,

With the trusses - in our area they need to be approved trusses with a stamp from a truss corporation - be sure to follow your local building regulations if you are considering building your own truss system as many areas do not allow building your own. Do to this fact - the truss details come from the lumberyards truss manufactor and I do not put together truss details.

In regards to the 30x100' plans

#1 When do you need them by?

#2 Pole barn?

#3 Ceiling height?

#4 Number of garage doors and the size of the overhead Doors?

#5 Quanity and location of Entry doors if one of more is desired?

#6 Any windows and if so the location?

#7 Overhang distances?

#8 Any other info I should know?

Please let me know as much information as you know for the building plans - and I will see what I can put together.

Thank You.

07/16/11 @ 20:47
Comment from: Lisa Chaney [Visitor] Email
Lisa ChaneyI am looking for 36 x 100 x 16 pole barn plans for horse farm.
07/20/11 @ 08:57
Comment from: jim handley [Visitor]
jim handleyi wish to get plans for a 25widex40long pole barn. 16ft outer walls

Hi Jim,

I am very busy right now - but enjoy putting together plans for people in my spare time.

Is the 25' wide important? 24' and 30' are two widths that fit building materials.

It might be best to just give you a call to find out the number of overhead doors, the sizes and locations of the overhead doors, entry doors, and if there are any windows. Is a 12" overhand distance desired all the way around?

If you want me to call you when I find time to work on this plan reply with your telephone number, and if you can put into words answers to the above questions that would also be helpful with your reply so I can have a rough plan designed to make things go faster when talking.

Note to others desire plans also - please answer the above questions with your request!


These two pole barn plans do not have 16' walls but the door height and wall heights can be modified if the layout might be close.

24x32 Pole Barn with 10' walls

30x40 Pole Barn with 8' Walls

08/09/11 @ 15:06
Comment from: Charles Lehman [Visitor]
Charles LehmanDo you have a free plan for approximately 25x80 pole barn. We plan to use the extra 20ft in the rear for garage and live in the rest. Thanks

Hi Charles,

No plans for pole barn homes - sorry.

For a home building detailed plans would be needed as everything will need to be planned out carefully considering electrical, HVAC, plumbing needs, etc. Perhaps a pole barn would not be desired for a residence as a good solid concrete foundation may help to avoid drywall from cracking.

Perhaps working with an architecht would be in your best interest.

11/26/11 @ 00:03
Comment from: Heidi Hall [Visitor] Email
Heidi HallHi, I am looking for a 60x120 indoor riding pole barn plans. I will be using telephone poles to build. Snow load in my area is 35 lbs. and wind 90 mph. Are there any plans available? Thank you

Hi Heidi,

Sounds like you are too being too detailed for me. I put together idea designs for people as a hobby but do not get into the construction details and recommend working with an architect for larger projects.

02/01/12 @ 15:25
Comment from: Phil londrico [Visitor]
Phil londriconeed 50x80x16 one garage door 12x14 and one man door

Hi Phil

If you are going with a metal building you may desire a 81 foot length so you do not need to cut the metal sheets. However 80' works better for the framing materials.

Here is what I put together to give you an idea of a 50x80 pole barn.

Floor Plan
Cut Plan
Overhead View
With posts 8' on center 48' may be better for framing materials use so I also included a 48x80' pole barn.

Floor Plan
Cut Plan
Overhead Full View

02/03/12 @ 10:56
Comment from: m [Visitor]
mDoes anyone know where I can get plans for a 30 x 60 pole barn?

options are

12 " high side walls
4) 10x10 garage doors (2 at either end)
2) side entry doors (at either side)
metal roof
metal sides

Hello Mr. M,

A name might be good, but I made time tonight anyway to help you with a 30x60 pole barn plan idea. I was not sure if you desired the 2 entry doors across from each other on one end or on both ends of the barn on one side so chose the later.

Floor Plan
Cut View

02/27/12 @ 08:25
Comment from: Dennis [Visitor]
DennisHello everyone, I am looking for plans for pole barn 30x48 with 10 ft sidewalls, and Engineered double trusses 12' OC I know this seems pretty specific, sorry. any help is appreciated. Thanks Dennis.

Hello Dennis,

I put together idea designs for people as a hobby but do not get into the construction details. Why are you desiring the double trusses? Are you saying adding 3 double trusses one at 12', 24', and 36' for extra strength?

For the construction details working with a local lumberyard or a builder with a design service may be in your best interest.

If you would like an idea design just let me know any desired details such as door sizes and locations.


03/02/12 @ 18:49
Comment from: Linda Moore [Visitor] Email
Linda Mooreneed 64x50x14 that includes 2 12' lean too on each side. 1 14x12 over head door off center There will be a 12x6 porch on the right side lean too. under the right leanto there will be a 12x14 tack room and 3 10x12 horse stalls.


Working with a design builder or architect might be best for detailed plans as when details increase so does the amount of changes and need for the information to be completely correct for your needs before the building starts. See you are doing a great job in understanding your new building.

Wishing you the best.

03/29/12 @ 10:36
Comment from: Robert [Visitor]
RobertI want to build a storage shed like a pole barn, with wooden floor. I am looking for free plans,and will buy from whom ever helps me first.

Hello Robert,

What size and what are the details? Width, length, ceiling height, windows?, entry door(s)?, overhead door size...

Like a pole barn? - A movable shed? A very small shed may be a type where a wooden floor would be desired.

Keep in mind that many sheds with wooden floors including treated plywood have future problems so do consider the option of concrete.


05/13/12 @ 11:51
Comment from: Josh [Visitor]
JoshI was looking for some 10x20 pole barn plans. I already have the concrete slab. I dont know what size overhead/sliding door I'll use yet. Might need 8' walls. Just storing mowers & atvs. Thanks

Hi Josh,

Hopefully the slab is level by your overhead door opening or you may need a special order door piece added to the bottom of your door. The other consideration for an existing slab is the posts will need to be notched into the concrete and digging and adding the footers later is more difficult but can be done.

Something like this what you had in mind?

10x20 Shed Floor Plan
10x20 Pole Barn Floor Plan
Overhead Cut View
Overhead Full View

The plan showed
8' Walls
8x7' Overhead door
3' Entry door
3x3' Single-hung window

07/08/12 @ 19:27
Comment from: Janis [Visitor]
JanisHi, I am looking for 60' x 120' pole barn plans with 16' eave height, truss system and sheds off the sides that drop down 2' from eave height. Left shed 16' x 120' and right shed 14' x 120'. Main structure is closed in back and front with 12' x 14' slider door. Sheds are roof only. 4/12 pitch on 60 x120 and 3/12 pitch on sheds. Snow load 30 lb. Wind exposure 85. We want to use 6 x 10's long side, 6 x 8's gable ends and 6 x 6 sheds. Do you have any sources for plans or engineers for western Washington? Thank you. Janis
01/01/13 @ 16:54
Comment from: Lyndon meaux [Visitor] Email
Lyndon meauxI'm looking for some plans for a 16 x 40 gambrel two story garage. I've been looking all over the place and cannot find a drawing anywhere
04/24/13 @ 19:49
Comment from: CECILIA [Visitor]
CECILIAlooking for PLANS ONLY monitier style pole building main 14 ft center width 9 ft tall with a shed row each side 12 ft wide making this a 36x12 building with a center loft at 7 ft heigth 6x6 post sitting on concrete pads under post Do you have anything like this ?
05/23/13 @ 19:31
Comment from: John Sparks [Visitor]
John SparksLooking for a rv shelter. I purchased 10 8x20 poles. rv is 40 foot long fifth wheel. So looking for something in the 14 to 16 wide, 14 foot tall, and 50 foot long. Do you have any plans for something like that?
07/14/14 @ 13:34
Comment from: admin [Member] Email
adminFrom Mike

I am in need to purchase blueprint plans for a 40'x48'x16' high pole barn style garage. Thanks - Mike

Hello Mike,

This site is for free idea designs only. After an initial pole barn layout is determined working with a material supplier/ architect through them perhaps and verifying information with your local building inspector or letting your builder do this for you is recommended.

If there is any information you desire included it is recommended to let me know this such as roof details, door sizes and locations, windows sizes and locations etc., otherwise I can just plug something in like this.

40x48? Gambrel Pole Barn Floor Plan with 16? Tall Walls

Pole Barn Floor Plan
Floor Plan with gambrel roof
Front Design
Left Side
Right Side
Back View
Back Overhead View
Cut Through View
Front Overhead View
08/23/14 @ 14:25
Comment from: Gordon Ervin [Visitor] Email
Gordon ErvinI am looking for plans for a 36Wx36Lx12H Pole Shed.

10)6x6x16 treated post (9ft center)
8) 2x10x20 truss support bands
9) 36ft common trusses w/ 12" OH 4/12 ptch
26) 36"x20' metal roof panels
20) 2x4x20 roof purlins
40ft ridge cap
20) 1/2x7 1/2 gal cariage bolts(truss band
20)1/2 flat washers
20) 1/2 nylon nuts
03/31/15 @ 13:22
Comment from: Chris P [Visitor]
Chris PIm building a pole barn that is 30'x36' with 10' ceilings and 4:12 pitch roof...do you have any free plans at that measurement?

Not in a pole barn format yet - sorry. Thanks for the comment!

30x36 non pole barn plan

10/27/15 @ 17:25

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