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Building a 12x24 Storage Shed - Free Shed Building Material List and Free Building Design

12x24 Storage Shed Buildings
- Free Shed Building Material List
Free Storage Shed Building Plan Designs

Framing a 12x24 Storage Shed Building Design with Framing
Material List for Building a New 12x24 Storage Shed Building

Storage Shed Building Framing Material List
- Framing a 12x24 Design New Storage Shed-

Before Building a Storage Shed Building

Before Framing your Building Walls

1- Determine Your Door Size and Style

2- Determine If you desire a window or windows
If so - the window size. Often windows limit storage is small sheds.
A small 36" wide by 24" Tall or 36" x 36" may be nice for lighting.
Size your openings to the sizes listed with your window and door.

Shed Building Wall Framing
80 Studs for Framing Walls
21 - 4x8 Wall Sheeting
6 - 2x4 Bottom Plates - Treated for Concrete -
12 - 2x4 Top Plates
3 - 2x10x10 - Optional - Solid Header Material

Roof Framing Material List
14 - 4x8 Sheeting
11 - 12' Trusses *
2 - Gable Trusses *
4 - 14' 2x6 Fascia
4 - 2x6x8 Gable Fascia *

* Gable Length may Vary - 8 - 12" Gable Overhang Figured

* Add Floor Framing - Framing Materials Estimated with a Concrete Floor

* Your Building Inspector may determine if you can hand frame your rafters or if trusses are needed.

For Building Rafters - Add two 14' 2x8's for Ridge Board, 30 - 2x6x8 Rafters, and 20 - 2x4x925/8 for Collar Ties and Bracing.

Remember: You can't start building with out:
Framing Nails
Sheeting Nails or Staples
If no Anchor Bolts in the foundation wall add 18 1/2" x 6" cement anchors.

* Verify sizes and materials with your local building inspector and obtain proper building permits.

12x24 Storage Shed Building - Roofing Material List
1 1/4" Roofing Nails
Tar for the last two cap nails
5 Square of Shingles
(Common Shingle Types - 3 Bundles to a Square = 15 Bundles Shingles)
Felt or Tar Paper - 30# Felt - 3 2 Square Rolls
* Add Ice Guard if Heating the Building or per Local Code Requirements
1 Bundle - Starter Shingles
10 - 10' 1 1/2" T Style Drip Edge
26' of Cap Shingles - 1- 2 Bundles special shingles if you are using a standard laminated shake style shingle for your building

* Note - If you choose to go with a Gambrel style roof for your building vs the Gable roof in the plans - Re-Estimate Your Roofing Material List!

* Add Ridge Venting as Desired - 7 - 4' Ridge-Vent Pieces if you wish to go all the way to the eve of your building, ending the ridge vent at the edge of your building walls is more standard - 6 - Ridge Vent Pieces.

12x16 Shed Building - Siding Material List
Verify the style of siding you desire for your storage building. If you choose to leave plywood as your style of siding - then remembering to add 1x2 Lath strips for your eves and joints of your storage building as well as one for each stud is a great idea. Adding a sheet of plywood to close is your eves may also be needed.

Vinyl Siding -Is the Most Popular Building Style -
So Vinyl Siding is the Building Material List You Get :D

Tyvek or Equiv Wrap 8' x 62' :-) - 100' Roll -
Staples or Cap Nails for Installation of Wrap to Building
Termite Shield Wrap as Applicable - 62'
7 Square Siding
4 8' Corner Posts
6 Starter Pieces
14 Pieces J Channel (Figured for under the building eves as well as wrapping one small window and a 8' door)
6 Pieces of Under-sill Channel
10 Aluminum F Molding
10 6" Aluminum Fascia
Aluminum Trim Nails
Siding Nails
7 Pieces - 12" Aluminum Soffit * Verify Amount Per Overhang Size

If you choose to go with another style of siding for your shed building and the building is this size - If you would like to share your building material list with others - Please email over your material lists!

Remember to save our site to your favorites if you find our site useful!

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Building a 12x24 Storage Shed Free Framing Material List
Free Shed Building Plan Design


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David HathawayPlease send me the 12x24 building palns with gable roof 3or4 pitch would be good. Maybe a rool up doors amd windows. Thanks.

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