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Free 24x32 Shed Building Plans with Material List

Free 24x32 Shed Building Plans with Material List

New Garage Building Plan Designs

24 x 32 New Building Materials:
New Storage Garage 8' Framing Materials
Pole Barn Option for 10' Wall Framing Materials
Storage Shed Drywall Materials
Storage Shed Roofing Materials
Storage Shed Concrete Materials
24 x 32 Storage Shed Trim Materials

24x32 New Storage Shed Building - Concrete Materials:

4" x 772 Square Feet Concrete Slab 9.53 Cubic Yards
772 sq ft Steel Wire Mesh for Slab 772 Square Feet

24x32 Storage Shed Building - Floor Framing Materials Option:

4x8' Plywood Floor Sheets 12 Sheets
2x12" 16" OC floor joists 496 Lineal Feet
2x12" Blocking 64 Lineal Feet

24x32 Building - Pole Barn Framing Materials:
10' New Pole Barn Framing Option:

16" Footers - 15
4x6 Posts- 10 Posts
4x6 Posts 4-6 Gable Posts
2x4 Purlin Materials 24" O.C. 670 Ft
2x8 Treated Skirting Purlin Materials 108 Ft = 7 - 16' 2x8's

24x32 Storage Shed Building - 8' Framing Materials:
8' Walls Framing Materials Option:

2x6-92 5/8" SPF Vertical studs 110 Studs
2x6 SPF Plate Materials 336 Ft
3.5 x 12" Door/window header 24 Ft
Header Option - 2x4x12 2 Pieces
2x10x12 2 Pieces

4x8' sheets sheathing 34 Sheets
New exterior siding 1020 sq ft - 10 1/3 Square
* Verify

If Vinyl or Equiv. Siding - Add 4 Corner Posts
Add J Channel Windows 41 ft
Add J Channel 41 ft
Add Under-sill 61 ft
Add F Molding 120 ft
Add Aluminum 6" Fascia 120 ft
Add Aluminum Soffit Materials 120 ft
* Verify

Sill Material- Exterior 7 ft
Window Casing Exterior 41 ft
Door Threshold 1 36" threshold
Door Casing Material 18 ft
6 in New Door Jamb 18 ft
Garage Door Casing 27 ft
6 in Ext. Door Jamb Material 27 ft

2x6" Gable Fascia 80 ft
2x6" Eave Fascia 68 ft

Shed Roof Framing Materials * See New Roofing Material List

1428 sq ft
4x8 Sheeting Materials 45 Sheets
4/12 24' Trusses 15 Pieces
Two Gable Trusses 2 Pieces
Subtotal: 17 4/12 Trusses
Truss Bracing 2x4x16 10 Pieces

Alternative Rafter Option
2x6" 16" OC rafters - SPF 910 ft
2x8x16 Ridge Boards 2 Pieces
2x6" gable fascia 82 ft
2x6" eave fascia 72 ft
* Verify

24x32 New Storage Shed Building - Drywall Materials:

45 Sheets 4x12 Sheets 45
4x8'-1/2" Wall Board 2100 Sq Ft
Add - Other Drywall Materials and Fasteners

24x32 Storage Shed Building - Gutter Material Option:

67 ft Gutter Material

24x32 New Storage Shed Building - Window Material Option:

2 36x36 New Double Hung Windows

24x32 Storage Shed Building - Door Options:

36x80x1 3/4 Right Exterior Door 1
120x96 New Garage Door
Garage Overhead Door Size = 10' x 7'

24x32 Storage Shed Building - New Trim Materials:

1x4-16ft+ Window Apron 7 ft
1x2-16ft+ Sill Materials 7 ft
1x4-16ft+ Casing Materials 38 ft

24x32 Storage Shed Building - Base Trim Materials:

1x4-16ft+ Interior Casing 102 ft
1x4-16ft Interior Casing 7 Pieces

New Shed Building - 24x32 Shed Roofing Materials

24x32 Shed Building Roofing Materials
1410 Sq Ft Roofing
- Pending on the size of your new sheds overhang -

Roofing Accessory Materials1 1/4" Roofing Nails
1 Tube Tar For Last 2 Cap Nails
14 2/3 Square Roofing Materials
8 Rolls 30lb Felt/ Tar Paper
70 Lineal Ft Starter Shingles
70 Lineal Ft Cap Shingles
- Needed for Laminated Shingle Style -
Ridge Vent Option
Option - 17 - 4' Ridge Vent Pieces or Equivalent Materials
Drip Edge Roof Materials
1 1/2" Aluminum "t" Drip Edge
150' - 16 - 10 Pieces Drip Edge Materials

Roofing Tools Needed:

Chalk Box
Ear Plugs
Tin Snips
Air Hoses
Knee Pads
Push Broom
Tape Measure
Caulking Gun
Safety Harness
Hammer Stapler
Air Compressor
Pick or Planks
12" Straightedge
Ladders or Scaffolding
Pneumatic Roofing Gun
Utility Knife or Hook Knife
With Ladders - Ladder Jacks
With Ladders - Ladder Fasteners
Large Magnet for Picking Up Loose Nails
For slopes greater than 4/12 - Include Roof Jacks -

* Before Roofing Your Shed- Check all fastening is secured!

* Shed Framing Tip - Gable End Rafters Tend to Wave -
To keep your new shed's gable straight - only tack your sheets to the gable truss. Then snap a line from top to bottom of your shed building on top of your plywood sheets and move your truss to line.

* Shed Roofing Tip - You may wish to install the row of felt at the peak of the new storage shed PRIOR to your roofing material delivery - Especially if your new sheds roofing materials have roof top delivery. Just - Remember to pick up a couple rows of tar paper from your building materials center.

* Installing your Sheds Tar Paper Tip - Installing the felt from the peak of your garage roof (Not the Traditional Bottom) - Will keep your roofing lines even with your garage peak. This will also help keep your sheds shingles straight. Utilizing this new building tip - You also do not have to walk on the tar paper! Just remember to tuck your lower rows of felt/tar paper under the top paper so your sheds paper will shed water. To tuck quickly slide your hammer tacker or hammer under the paper. Place your shingles on top of the paper after installing each row of felt working from the top of your new shed building - Down.

When Building a Storage Shed - Keep Safety First
- Protect your new garage building crew by having roof planking and taking time to set up scaffolding and proper safety protection methods.


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