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Chris P

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Chris P [Visitor]
Im building a pole barn that is 30'x36' with 10' ceilings and 4:12 pitch you have any free plans at that measurement?

Not in a pole barn format yet - sorry. Thanks for the comment!

30x36 non pole barn plan

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David Hathaway

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David Hathaway [Visitor]
Please send me the 12x24 building palns with gable roof 3or4 pitch would be good. Maybe a rool up doors amd windows. Thanks.

Again thanks
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Gordon Ervin

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Gordon Ervin [Visitor]
I am looking for plans for a 36Wx36Lx12H Pole Shed.

10)6x6x16 treated post (9ft center)
8) 2x10x20 truss support bands
9) 36ft common trusses w/ 12" OH 4/12 ptch
26) 36"x20' metal roof panels
20) 2x4x20 roof purlins
40ft ridge cap
20) 1/2x7 1/2 gal cariage bolts(truss band
20)1/2 flat washers
20) 1/2 nylon nuts
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Norman Holloway

In response to: Free 14 x 20 Gambrel Shed Plan Designs

Norman Holloway [Visitor]
Would like to have 14x32
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admin [Member]
Hello from Catherine --
I was wondering if you could help us? My son is a Boy scout building a 12 X 16 storage shed for a men's shelter -- we need drawings for the building permit.
12 x 16
Front will be 16 feet
Sides - 12 --
Will have a 2 inch by 4 inch partition for paper goods one side - lawn equipment - other side.
On the front 16 feet wide - will have 2 doors 3 feet wide -- 80 inches tall or whatever works for the height.
Have have the same two doors on the left side. We are thinking concrete foundation -- so need to know how to fasten the frame. Think 16 inch centers for studs - Gable roof -- We need detailed drawings for the building permit office. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

I?ll see what I can do. I will try to get to it on Saturday.

This building shed is similar to our layout for the shed for the men's Shelter but it is 12 x 16 with concrete 4" pad and "16" oc for walls and roofing. Need to start the drawing with the concrete pad with the reinforcing wire. Everything has to be drawn on scale. I thought this may help.
Cut View
Letting me know if there is anything else I can provide.
Thanks again -- Catherine


To understand the free service I provide you can review

In Most Areas for a small shed a simple plan like these I created for you Will Work for the permit.
Floor Plan
Cut View
Front View
Back View

#1 First work with your materials supplier for a Detailed Material List and perhaps additional plans then - AFTER- you have a detailed material list you will also need to work with your inspection office to draw up

#2- A plot plan showing where the shed will be on the property.

#3 A cut through section - Showing what materials will be used for building the shed describing what you were mentioning with the 4? concrete pad with 4x4? wire mesh, 2x4? treated plate with 1/2? anchor bolts, wall height, siding material, roofing material, etc.

Hope this helps - If you come up with additional details you would like to share to make the process more complete for other viewers who might desire to build your 12x16? design feel free to share this with me and let me know if there is anything else I can help with.


Thanks for your informative email I really appreciate that -- it was very helpful with what we need to do for the building permit but unfortunately we are not that talented to come up with these drawings. So who could do these drawings - general contractor? I am not sure who could help us.

Thank you -- Have a Great Day --

Hello Catherine,

Whoever is doing the work on the building should know each step of the building process. If this is your son he should be able to fill out a cut through section.

So who could do these drawings - general contractor? Yes , a building and design contractor could help you. Or - whoever - is building the shed should fill out the form with the materials being used.

#1 So a material list is completed for the entire project?
This may be most important as it shows the building inspection office that you know what is happening for the entire process and must happen first.

Working with the inspection office for
#2 The plot plan
Is as easy as getting a layout of your land (they may even have one on file) and drawing in where the shed will be with dimensions of distances from property edges. ​I will attach a simple sample.
Sample Plot Plan

#3 A cut through section
If the step #1 is completed and the entire building process is understood by the person doing the work this really should be no problem. Consider asking your inspection office for a form to work with - I will also attach a sample cut through you may fill out and write in everything the inspection office will be looking for such as concrete thickness and wire mesh. (My sample, may work just fine for you also)

If the plans I sent you
Floor Plan
Cut View
Front View
Back View
are attached with the cut through diagram, the plot plan, and a complete material list hopefully you are all set.


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admin [Member]
From Mike

I am in need to purchase blueprint plans for a 40'x48'x16' high pole barn style garage. Thanks - Mike

Hello Mike,

This site is for free idea designs only. After an initial pole barn layout is determined working with a material supplier/ architect through them perhaps and verifying information with your local building inspector or letting your builder do this for you is recommended.

If there is any information you desire included it is recommended to let me know this such as roof details, door sizes and locations, windows sizes and locations etc., otherwise I can just plug something in like this.

40x48? Gambrel Pole Barn Floor Plan with 16? Tall Walls

Pole Barn Floor Plan
Floor Plan with gambrel roof
Front Design
Left Side
Right Side
Back View
Back Overhead View
Cut Through View
Front Overhead View
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In response to: Free Plan Rooms of Gambrel Pole Barn Building Plans

Admin [Visitor]
I received this message and am including it from the Pole Barn Plans page since a Gambrel roof design is included. I am in need to purchase blueprint plans for a 40'x48'x16' high pole barn style garage. Thanks from Mike

Hello Mike,

This site is for free idea designs only. After a layout is determined perhaps working with a material suppliers architect and verifying info with your building inspector or letting your contractor do this for you is recommended.

If there is any info desired included just let me know such as roof details, door desires, and window info otherwise I can design a pole barn plan such as this gambrel style.

40x48? Gambrel Plan

Pole Barn Floor plan

Floor Plan shows gambrel roof

Front View

Left View

Right View

Back View

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John Sparks

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John Sparks [Visitor]
Looking for a rv shelter. I purchased 10 8x20 poles. rv is 40 foot long fifth wheel. So looking for something in the 14 to 16 wide, 14 foot tall, and 50 foot long. Do you have any plans for something like that?
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In response to: Free 12x16 Shed Building Plan Designs

admin [Member]

I recently visited Kloter Farms to see what is available for sheds. My wife fell in love with a red 12'x16' with gable ends and a 5ft doorway on the side.

We couldn't justify the $$$ and are contemplating/attempting a DIY project.

Please...forgive me for asking, but are the plans that I've been reading about on your site really FREE?

Sincerely, al

Hi Al,

When the site began I was designing plans for people desiring to build for free. I added additional idea designs for sheds and garages and saved pictures of the floor plans, side views, and cut through sections at

I also leave the blog comments open to others desiring idea designs and do not mind making free simple designs for people.

So - the idea designs are free - Yes - and I even customize smaller scale designs. What I do not get into on most of the plans is the construction details. Perhaps if you are not a builder this is what your question refers to?

Three reasons for not sharing this.

1- The complexity this would add to the websites along with the Time it would take.

2 - Construction methods vary from north to south along with desires varying such as different floor structure options.

3 - Shed construction is fairly simple for builders so to get most permits the floor plan and elevation view will do just fine along with a hand written cut through elevation you can get from the permit office and truss details if trusses are to be used.

There are a some ideas for a 12x16 shed at

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


Hey Daryl,

I was pleasantly surprised to your reply. I?m sure you are inundated with emails and don?t always have time? Thank-You!

As far as my project, I talked to a friend/carpenter to help me build the shed. I have an air nailer, circular saw, speed squares etc. and have dabbled with some DIY projects. However, I don?t have the carpenter?s skill of how to calculate the birds mouth cut for roof rafters or how long the rafters will be based on roof pitch.

My quick thoughts:

6? gravel base extended one foot on each side to help keep rain splatter off siding

4?x4? skid on top of gravel
2?x4? ? 12? on center with 5/8? 4?x8? tongue & grove floor
2x4 walls & roof
? CDX roof

Walk-in entry door in front side and 5 ft. double door on side for lawn tractor entry.

If you are willing to assist with any ideas or help, I would compensate you for your help.

Thanks again,

Hi Al,

The free plans are simply idea designs - is this what you are referring to for ideas or help? If so I would be happy to draw up a 12x16? shed without windows? 5? door on one side and centered 36?? entry door on gable end left of the 5? door?

Many floors need replacement over years from moisture - so for sure consider treated 3/4? plywood if the more durable concrete is not an option. Also - will 2x4?s be strong enough for a 12? span?

Have you considered building on a concrete floor? This might be wise for durability and driving a mower in and out.

Cut view

Floor Plan

Full view

Top View

Hi Daryl ,

Hopefully, you were enjoying a glass of wine or chilled beverage Saturday evening J while replying. You are Godsend ?Thank you!!

After looking at the full view, I?m thinking to increase the 3 ft. to a 5 ft. on the gable end too. That way the tractor can enter through the front and exit out the side. Can you add a window on each side of the front door?

Not to bore ya with details; but besides the tractor, lawn tools & patio furniture?a small portion of the shed is intended to house goats (four Nubians) in the winter (I live in New England) time so having a couple of windows will help add natural daylight. What do you think about an access door on the back side of the shed located from the corner?

Good point on the ? pressure treated plywood & using 2?x6? instead...thank you!! I chose to stay away for concrete because my back yard is wet and getting the material there would require wheel barrow from a good distance. In an effort to not disturb the water table, I?m hoping 4? gravel base will do the trick.

Again, thank you for everything Al

Hi Al,

2x8 joists might be an even better choice according to my floor joist span data chart they are the minimum size recommended for a 12' span.

New 12x16 Floor Plan with 2 Double Doors and Goat Pen with Access Door
Cut View
Top View
Back Side

This is PERFECT!!! What do I owe you?
Thank you,

Your Thank You is enough! :-)
Hope everything works out great.

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CECILIA [Visitor]
looking for PLANS ONLY monitier style pole building main 14 ft center width 9 ft tall with a shed row each side 12 ft wide making this a 36x12 building with a center loft at 7 ft heigth 6x6 post sitting on concrete pads under post Do you have anything like this ?
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Lyndon meaux

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Lyndon meaux [Visitor]
I'm looking for some plans for a 16 x 40 gambrel two story garage. I've been looking all over the place and cannot find a drawing anywhere
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Janis [Visitor]
Hi, I am looking for 60' x 120' pole barn plans with 16' eave height, truss system and sheds off the sides that drop down 2' from eave height. Left shed 16' x 120' and right shed 14' x 120'. Main structure is closed in back and front with 12' x 14' slider door. Sheds are roof only. 4/12 pitch on 60 x120 and 3/12 pitch on sheds. Snow load 30 lb. Wind exposure 85. We want to use 6 x 10's long side, 6 x 8's gable ends and 6 x 6 sheds. Do you have any sources for plans or engineers for western Washington? Thank you. Janis
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Josh [Visitor]
I was looking for some 10x20 pole barn plans. I already have the concrete slab. I dont know what size overhead/sliding door I'll use yet. Might need 8' walls. Just storing mowers & atvs. Thanks

Hi Josh,

Hopefully the slab is level by your overhead door opening or you may need a special order door piece added to the bottom of your door. The other consideration for an existing slab is the posts will need to be notched into the concrete and digging and adding the footers later is more difficult but can be done.

Something like this what you had in mind?

10x20 Shed Floor Plan
10x20 Pole Barn Floor Plan
Overhead Cut View
Overhead Full View

The plan showed
8' Walls
8x7' Overhead door
3' Entry door
3x3' Single-hung window

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Chicken Coop Plans

In response to: Free 16 x 24 Shed Building Plan Designs

Chicken Coop Plans [Visitor]
There is definately a great deal to know about this issue.
I really like all of the points you made.
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Robert [Visitor]
I want to build a storage shed like a pole barn, with wooden floor. I am looking for free plans,and will buy from whom ever helps me first.

Hello Robert,

What size and what are the details? Width, length, ceiling height, windows?, entry door(s)?, overhead door size...

Like a pole barn? - A movable shed? A very small shed may be a type where a wooden floor would be desired.

Keep in mind that many sheds with wooden floors including treated plywood have future problems so do consider the option of concrete.


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Rich Dotterer

In response to: Garage Builder Free 24x28 Plan Designs

Rich Dotterer [Visitor]
your Garage Plans Links do not work
I tried several of them and the Pages are always Blank ???

Hi Rich,

Thanks for the comment. I tried the links and they seem to work fine here - are you using Internet Explorer?

When you see the smaller pics double click them to a larger size.

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In response to: Free 12 x 16 Shed Building Plan Designs

Clay [Visitor]
I'm looking for a 12X16 workshop/shed plans just a single door and two windows.
I want to be able to deck in the celling part for storage. but I need enough room for my wood working tools.


Before determining a size for the workshop make a list of the tools to be included. For storage only a 12x16 shed may be large enough, still to have enough room for working perhaps a little larger would be wise. Having room for cutting 4x8 plywood sheets and 16' length boards is often needed along with the work benches and tools. Perhaps you will want to lay out the shed with the tools on graph paper - If you determine a size or decide that a 12x16 shed is what you are after then then let me know and I will be happy to place the info into the design program as time allows.


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Robert becker

In response to: 24 New Garage Building Steps From Planning to Finish of Construction

Robert becker [Visitor]
Building 48x60 building 4 12x14 overhead doors 2 entry doors 4 windows need floor plan
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Linda Moore

In response to: Pole Barn Plans - Free Barn Building Blueprints

Linda Moore [Visitor]
need 64x50x14 that includes 2 12' lean too on each side. 1 14x12 over head door off center There will be a 12x6 porch on the right side lean too. under the right leanto there will be a 12x14 tack room and 3 10x12 horse stalls.


Working with a design builder or architect might be best for detailed plans as when details increase so does the amount of changes and need for the information to be completely correct for your needs before the building starts. See you are doing a great job in understanding your new building.

Wishing you the best.

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wood working plans

In response to: How to Build a Wood 4x4 Dog House with Free Picture Plans

wood working plans [Visitor]
Greate post. Keep posting such kind of info on your site.

Im really impressed by your blog. Thanks for sharing your
thoughts on free dog house plans. Regards
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In response to: Free 10 x 12 Shed Building Plan Designs

Jay [Visitor]
yes so true I am on 2.5 acres.
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In response to: Free 10 x 12 Shed Building Plan Designs

Jay [Visitor]
What size shed is desired?
10x12 Shed

Type of Roof?

What size overhangs are desired?

What wall height is desired?
8' wall framing

Are windows desired? No

Will there be an entry door?

What size garage door?


So a 10x12' Shed with 2 doors and 6" overhangs.

Floor Plan
Cut View
Full View

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In response to: Pole Barn Plans - Free Barn Building Blueprints

Dennis [Visitor]
Hello everyone, I am looking for plans for pole barn 30x48 with 10 ft sidewalls, and Engineered double trusses 12' OC I know this seems pretty specific, sorry. any help is appreciated. Thanks Dennis.

Hello Dennis,

I put together idea designs for people as a hobby but do not get into the construction details. Why are you desiring the double trusses? Are you saying adding 3 double trusses one at 12', 24', and 36' for extra strength?

For the construction details working with a local lumberyard or a builder with a design service may be in your best interest.

If you would like an idea design just let me know any desired details such as door sizes and locations.


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m [Visitor]
Does anyone know where I can get plans for a 30 x 60 pole barn?

options are

12 " high side walls
4) 10x10 garage doors (2 at either end)
2) side entry doors (at either side)
metal roof
metal sides

Hello Mr. M,

A name might be good, but I made time tonight anyway to help you with a 30x60 pole barn plan idea. I was not sure if you desired the 2 entry doors across from each other on one end or on both ends of the barn on one side so chose the later.

Floor Plan
Cut View

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john sprague

In response to: Garage Plan 30x40 Building Designs by Brands Construction

john sprague [Visitor]
need garage to have 2 9' doors 1 8'door 30' front 36' deep with commode and wash sink in rear shop area gable roof 7 12 pitch need anchor details etc. footing detail to pull permit can you help

Hi John,

I put together idea designs for people as a hobby and do not get into the construction details although the footings are drawn in on the floor plan at 8' on center and 6' where the wall ends.

To pull a permit you may be able to draw in the construction details for the footing in the permit application stating 12" or 16" footings with dashed lines showing they are 3' under grade, etc. The permit office may also require the truss specifications which usually come through the lumberyard. So in areas these plans may work to pull a permit with a material list. Once you know the layout desired you may also obtain a new plan with construction details from the lumberyard or material supplier.

So you desire a 30x36 Pole Barn
With 3 doors in the front (Two 9' and One 8')
With wash sink and commode in the rear.

Floor Plan
Cut Right
Cut Left

That is what I put into the program. You may also want to consider a utility room with water heater. Why not add a office/ break room and kitchenette also :D. Anyway - There are always a few little items that will have to be worked out and adding plumbing and rooms is often more work and dollars than people desire.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


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RetroFoam insulation Toledo

In response to: How to Build a Wood 4x4 Dog House with Free Picture Plans

I can see that you are an expert at your field! I am launching a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me.. Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success in your business.
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Phil londrico

In response to: Pole Barn Plans - Free Barn Building Blueprints

Phil londrico [Visitor]
need 50x80x16 one garage door 12x14 and one man door

Hi Phil

If you are going with a metal building you may desire a 81 foot length so you do not need to cut the metal sheets. However 80' works better for the framing materials.

Here is what I put together to give you an idea of a 50x80 pole barn.

Floor Plan
Cut Plan
Overhead View
With posts 8' on center 48' may be better for framing materials use so I also included a 48x80' pole barn.

Floor Plan
Cut Plan
Overhead Full View

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Heidi Hall

In response to: Pole Barn Plans - Free Barn Building Blueprints

Heidi Hall [Visitor]
Hi, I am looking for a 60x120 indoor riding pole barn plans. I will be using telephone poles to build. Snow load in my area is 35 lbs. and wind 90 mph. Are there any plans available? Thank you

Hi Heidi,

Sounds like you are too being too detailed for me. I put together idea designs for people as a hobby but do not get into the construction details and recommend working with an architect for larger projects.

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In response to: Free 12 x 16 Shed Building Plan Designs

Dave [Visitor]
Could you please send me plans for 12x16 shed like the one listed but also with an entry door and 6 inch roof overhang.

What size shed is desired?
12 x 16 Shed

Type of Roof?

What size overhangs are desired? Gable? 6"

What wall height is desired?
8' wall framing

Are windows desired? Yes One
Size? 36"x36"
Double Hung

Will there be an entry door? Yes

What size garage door?
Glass Lites? No

Hi Dave,
So a 12x16 design with a entry door and 6 inch overhang everywhere?
See what you think.

Cut Plan

Floor Plan

Overhead View

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david edgington

In response to: Free 12 x 16 Shed Building Plan Designs

david edgington [Member]
Can you send me any plans you have on a 12 by 16 shed
thank you

Hello David,

Are the designs at what you are after or is there something else we can help you with?

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Charles Lehman

In response to: Pole Barn Plans - Free Barn Building Blueprints

Charles Lehman [Visitor]
Do you have a free plan for approximately 25x80 pole barn. We plan to use the extra 20ft in the rear for garage and live in the rest. Thanks

Hi Charles,

No plans for pole barn homes - sorry.

For a home building detailed plans would be needed as everything will need to be planned out carefully considering electrical, HVAC, plumbing needs, etc. Perhaps a pole barn would not be desired for a residence as a good solid concrete foundation may help to avoid drywall from cracking.

Perhaps working with an architecht would be in your best interest.

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In response to: Free 12 x 16 Shed Building Plan Designs

Sonny [Visitor]
I need plans for a simple "Barn" shed. It will set on a 14.6" X 25' slab , so no floor is needed. Mainly , I only need the specs for the roof trusses , length, and angles. Total with of shed is 14'6". I have the walls laid out already. It has 8' high walls, and there is a loft in it, that the floor of the loft will be 7' above the slab. Would like loft clearance to be at least 5' from floor of loft to the highest point of the roof.


Thank you for your comment. Sorry - I am too busy to complete your request along with the fact that I usually only design basic plans for new barn ideas free of charge and do not usually get into the site plans, cross sections, or the roof construction details.

Your lumberyard may have a designer who would could help you with this however. A blue roof framing book also comes in handy if you are planning to hand frame your truss system and reading a 2' rafter square doesn't do the trick.

Question - If you have 8' walls wouldn't the floor of the loft be at least 8' from the slab?

Thanks again for you comment and I wish you the very best.

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In response to: Free 12 x 16 Shed Building Plan Designs

Vic [Visitor]
Hi, please I want to know if you could send me some plans for a 12' by 16' gable roof shed 8/12 roff, with a six wide double typical shed door and two 24" by 24" windows on each side of the door and 2 18" windows on each side wall, total of 4 windows


Sorry - This comment was not forwarded to our email automatically for some reason so the request was not seen until viewing draft comments inside the website. There are delays at times due to this system - We do try to reply soon :-)

Do let us know if a plan is still desired or if you have found what you were after. This is a lot of windows for a small shed - what is the use of the shed? Often storage only sheds minimize windows to increase the amount of items that can be stored.

Actually same type of plans but 12 x 18 size now, 72? door on the 12? side, also only 2 windows on the front side ( 12? side) possibly 16 x 16 / 12 x 12 or 12 x 16 your thoughts? Site plan is ready making the foundation as we email.


Hi Vic,

We emailed you a 12x18' Shed Plan with 16x24" windows and a 6' door in the front wall.

Floor Plan
Cut Elevation
Front Elevation
Full Elevation

Thank You.

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In response to: Free 16 x 24 Shed Building Plan Designs


Hi George

So you are desiring a plan with a few changes from the 16x24 plan at

A 12" overhang all the way instead of 8" on the gable.
A 36" entry door instead of the 32".
A 9x7' garage door instead of the 10x7' which allows extra room for the 36" entry door.
The roof slope modified to a 4/12.
And no windows.

Is this correct?

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jim handley

In response to: Pole Barn Plans - Free Barn Building Blueprints

jim handley [Visitor]
i wish to get plans for a 25widex40long pole barn. 16ft outer walls

Hi Jim,

I am very busy right now - but enjoy putting together plans for people in my spare time.

Is the 25' wide important? 24' and 30' are two widths that fit building materials.

It might be best to just give you a call to find out the number of overhead doors, the sizes and locations of the overhead doors, entry doors, and if there are any windows. Is a 12" overhand distance desired all the way around?

If you want me to call you when I find time to work on this plan reply with your telephone number, and if you can put into words answers to the above questions that would also be helpful with your reply so I can have a rough plan designed to make things go faster when talking.

Note to others desire plans also - please answer the above questions with your request!


These two pole barn plans do not have 16' walls but the door height and wall heights can be modified if the layout might be close.

24x32 Pole Barn with 10' walls

30x40 Pole Barn with 8' Walls

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Lisa Chaney

In response to: Pole Barn Plans - Free Barn Building Blueprints

Lisa Chaney [Visitor]
I am looking for 36 x 100 x 16 pole barn plans for horse farm.
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In response to: Pole Barn Plans - Free Barn Building Blueprints

looking for 30x100 plans even to build the truses any help

Hi Patrick,

With the trusses - in our area they need to be approved trusses with a stamp from a truss corporation - be sure to follow your local building regulations if you are considering building your own truss system as many areas do not allow building your own. Do to this fact - the truss details come from the lumberyards truss manufactor and I do not put together truss details.

In regards to the 30x100' plans

#1 When do you need them by?

#2 Pole barn?

#3 Ceiling height?

#4 Number of garage doors and the size of the overhead Doors?

#5 Quanity and location of Entry doors if one of more is desired?

#6 Any windows and if so the location?

#7 Overhang distances?

#8 Any other info I should know?

Please let me know as much information as you know for the building plans - and I will see what I can put together.

Thank You.

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Kane Smith

In response to: Pole Barn Plans - Free Barn Building Blueprints

Kane Smith [Visitor]
Hi, I am building a 32x48 pole barn with 10 foot side walls and storage trusses. The homeowner requests LVL lamanated beams to be used. There will be two garage doors 8x10 and one man door. The garage doors will both be on the one 48' section. I was hoping to view some building plans for this project. Thank you so much for your consideration.


I enjoy creating simple sample plans for people and appreciate your comment. Right now I am staying fairly busy and it seems you desire your plans fairly soon. Thus if you are a builder you know working with your lumberyard is a great option once the details are confirmed with the homeower.

If you desire sample idea plans and are not in a terrible hurry let me know and I might be able to find time to create a design for you. Just let me know - Thanks!

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Bilal Ahmed

In response to: Free 20 x 24 Shed Construction Plan Designs

Bilal Ahmed [Visitor]
its wonderful that i seen your web site and i really impressed about the data provided by brands construction group and as well as the team.
further i have 20*28 open area i want to make use of it for residential purpose, but I'm unable to get the good plan with steel design.please suggest me or provided me good plan.


For steel frame designs and commercial buildings - working with a quality construction company and a licensed architect is recommended.


PermalinkPermalink 07/10/11 @ 00:58

In response to: Pole Barn Plans - Free Barn Building Blueprints

Mandy [Visitor]
I am looking for plans for a 32x24 "pole building design" storage with 13' walls that only has a 12x10 roll up door. Can you help??

Hello Mandy,

For the building plans - No windows or 3' entry doors - Just one 12x10 roll up door? On the side where the roof is sloped?

Thank you for getting back so quickly. The door is NOT on a side where the roof is sloped.

Thank You -
We emailed you a 32x24' pole barn floor plan with only a 12x10' overhead door centered in the building not on the gable end of the building. Hopefully this is what you are after - let us know if any modifications are desired.
PermalinkPermalink 06/23/11 @ 18:14
David Braden

In response to: Free Barn Building 40 x 60 Plan Designs

David Braden [Visitor]
can you give me a estimated cost for a 40x40 barn?

Hi David,

Getting 3 detailed estimates would be in your best interest as there are many factors that make up that total cost. Details many include - Construction style (pole barn or poured foundation)? Any interior finishing? Electrical? Ceiling height? Amount of windows and doors? Additional exterior concrete?

If you have $20,000 saved with $30,000 for a slightly more detailed building you should be ok to go ahead with estimates pending on the location of your new barn.

PermalinkPermalink 06/19/11 @ 18:10

In response to: Free 12x16 Shed Building Plan Designs

rapidtrans1 [Visitor]
Absolute crap, no dimensions, no angles. Nothing of actual use to a diy builder.


What dimensions would you like to see included in the free garage designs?

There are many common plans put together of typical garage sizes for help is determing WHAT new building to build - Not in teaching a person how to build.

Builders usually have the know how to build from these designs and in many areas these plans are enough to pull a permit with a material list. The builder does need to know how to build - building a garage is not something most home owners should tackle by themselves.

The roof slope is stated, garage sizes, wall height, and door and window sizing which are the important items builders need.

In the plan viewed at

a viewer can count every stud and plate for estimating purposes. Roof sheathing is also should for estimating purposes. Is that not useful?

Have a great day!
PermalinkPermalink 06/14/11 @ 11:07
Jacob Sforza

In response to: Free 14 x 20 Gambrel Shed Plan Designs

Jacob Sforza [Visitor]
I'm looking for a 14x20 shed plans
Thank you

Hello Jacob,

For 14x20 shed plans go to

and click on the plan ideas to view them in full size. Then right click to print.

Thank you.

PermalinkPermalink 05/03/11 @ 21:56
Kenneth kaufold

In response to: Free 70x70 Horse Barn Building Plan Designs by Brands Construction

Kenneth kaufold [Visitor]
I am interested in plans for a 70 x 170 horse stall pole barn, could you do this. Thanks


Working with a licensed architect / builder would be in your best interest for this large size horse barn.

Our idea barn plans for horses include a

70x70 Octagon Horse Barn

36x60 Horse Building

32x60 Horse Barn
PermalinkPermalink 04/24/11 @ 02:50
Gary Murray

In response to: Pole Barn Plans - Free Barn Building Blueprints

Gary Murray [Visitor]
I need a pole barn to house goats so I need a pole barn that has six 15x15 stalls three on each side and a walk way down the middle with three stalls on one side and three on the other. What do you recommend for this?

Hi Gary,

This sounds like a pole barn that needs a plan specifically for your needs.

Think through everything before building - including future considerations.

I may be interested in creating a quick ideas plan for you - still eventually working with a local lumberyard / architect might be best.

For a plan - all information is needed.

Should storage bays be included in this barn?
A feed and bedding storage area? The size of this if desired?

Are these young goats or will milking equipment be here?
What would be the walk way width? ( The walk way wide enough for a skid steer to move in and out of the stalls easily? )

Will these stalls or some of them need doorways to the outside leading to pasture areas?

For the size of your barn it sounds like a 40x60 building might work - still the plan will need modifications - perhaps going with 7'x8' overhead doors entering your walk way?

If you would like a free ideas plan designed specifically for you I may do this as we currently do not have any ideas for goats and I like having a variety of plan ideas. I will need all information such as wall heights and above questions answered.

PermalinkPermalink 04/21/11 @ 20:58
glen jones

In response to: Free Garage Plan 30x36 Designs by Brands Construction

glen jones [Visitor]
very interest in plans look ideal for property in arkansas,for work shop and storage.
PermalinkPermalink 03/27/11 @ 19:17
tony lach

In response to: Free 12 x 16 Shed Building Plan Designs

tony lach [Visitor]
i am looking to build a shed and would like some plans to do so. Thank You

Hi Tony,

You may click on the plan pictures to increase them to 8x11" printable sizes at for excellent shed plan ideas. If these are not sufficient for your desires you may also deal with a local lumberyard or material supplier. Please comment if there are additional shed plans sizes you would like to see in our free collection.

Thank you!
PermalinkPermalink 03/27/11 @ 18:04
boxer training tips

In response to: How to Build a Wood 4x4 Dog House with Free Picture Plans

Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website? My website is in the exact same niche as yours and my users would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you present here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Thanks!
PermalinkPermalink 03/20/11 @ 11:34
Evelin Rutko

In response to: Free New Garage Building Plans

Evelin Rutko [Visitor]
This is such a good resourse that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing site that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly liked reading your post. Thanks!
PermalinkPermalink 03/19/11 @ 02:02
frank eatherly

In response to: Free 24 x 24 Garage Construction Plan Designs

frank eatherly [Visitor]
looking to build 24-24 and 10ft to know how much it will cost me in materials.

Hi Frank

Material costs change very often so giving out exact pricing here is not possible with out an estimate knowing exactly what is desired in the new garage.

Print out a sample plan from and bring it to a local lumberyard for exact pricing on materials.

PermalinkPermalink 03/17/11 @ 19:36

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