24 New Garage Building Steps From Planning to Finish of Construction

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24 New Garage Building Steps From Planning to Finish

1 Choose your building site with the assistance of a general contractor, real estate agent, architect, or engineer. Careful planning should ensure you build the new garage and size the building plans to exactly match your needs.

2 Your architectural team draws up the new garage building plans to meet applicable state and local regulations pending on your local inspector requirements. Online garage plans are an alternative option which also are a great start to the planning of building any new garage.

3 If you choose to work with an architect they will review with you the plans and new building schedules.

4 The architect or building contractor applies for the garage permits.

5 Excavation equipment is used to clear the land.

6 Your general contractor or engineer will lay out the new garage building location.

7 Heavy equipment excavates for the building foundation.

8 The mason or general contractor pour the footings.

9 The foundation walls are poured or mason block walls are constructed.

10 The excavator back fills around the foundation.

11 The exterior walls and optional interior walls are framed.

12 The roof is framed and sheathing is applied to the walls and roof. The roof edges may also be complimented with decorative rakes and fascias at this time.

13 The building inspector inspects all phrases of the construction. Note: Verify with your local inspection office on the required inspections as there may be also be layout and footing inspections with other code requirements.

14 Roofing: Drip edge, ice guard, tar paper, and shingles are fastened with applicable ventilation installed.

15 Windows and Doors: Carpenters now install the windows level and plumb taking diagonal measurements. Your exterior entry doors are now installed although the large garage doors are installed at the project completion to prevent potential damage.

16 Siding. Your builder or sider will now install your exterior siding with applicable foam board insulation and exterior Tyvek or equivalent home wrap. Vinyl, aluminum, and cedar siding are popular siding options.

17 Optional: Plumbing, HVAC (Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is installed.

18 Electrical Work: The electrician installs the rough electrical.

19 Optional: Installation of Interior Insulation

20 Optional: Your contractor or drywall sub-contractor installs and finishes the drywall

21 Optional: Cabinet and shelving installation with the option of built in work benches

22 Optional: Finish electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work.

23 Optional: Baseboard and window trim installation

24 Final landscaping including grass, trees, and shrubbery complete the exterior complementing and completing the construction of your new garage building.

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