Horse Barn Building 32 x 60 Free Plan Designs

Horse Barn Building 32 x 60 Free Plan Designs

Horse Barn Building Plans

Your builder or barn plan designer may ask the below questions. View the illustration and fill in your own answers before building your new barn.

What style of barn construction is desired?
42" frost wall with stud wall framing

What size barn floor plan is desired?
32'x60' Horse Barn

What style of Roof?
33/12 5 3/4 Sloped Gambrel Roof

What size overhangs are desired? 12"
Gable O.H.? 8"

What wall framing height is desired?
10' tall walls

Are windows desired? Yes
Quantity? 3
Size? 36"x36"
Window style? Double Hung

Will there be an entry door? Yes
Quantity: 2
Door Size: 36"
Door Swing: One - R.H. = Right
Hand and 1 L.H. = Left Hand

With glass lites? No

Interior Doors? Yes
Quantity: 2
Size: 36"
Door Swing: L.H.

Interior Gates? Yes
Quantity: 5
Size: 72" Pair (2 - 36")

Number of garage doors? 1
Size of garage door(s)?
Glass Lites? No

12'x12' Stalls
5'x8' Feed and Tack Room
11'x12' Office
20'x48' Main Work Area
Storage Loft over Rooms

Slide show of 32'x60' Horse Barn Building Plan Designs

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