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Installing Laminate Flooring

Installing Laminate Flooring
Five Major Steps to Laminate Flooring Installation
Laminate Flooring Installation Manual

You've heard your friends talk about laminate flooring and you've seen it on commercials. But how easy is it to install laminate flooring? This article will let you know how to install your brand new laminate flooring and even let you know which brands are easier then the others to install. You've just paid your money for your laminate flooring so you may as well get it laid down.

Laminate Flooring Myth
Some people think that all you have to do is line up the pieces and then CLICK- you have a new laminate floor. If only it were that easy then we would all be doing it like that. The truth is that not all companies will provide you with the easiest to install laminate flooring. You will curse and you might cry, but once it is all done you will definitely marvel at your new floor.

Laminate Flooring Installation Step #1
Obviously before you start you must clear the room. Nothing should be in your way. Your master piece is about to be made and nothing must be in your creative space.

Laminate Flooring Installation Step #2 Layout Flooring
Flooring Installation Tip Before Starting
A little tip when you are deciding which way you want the grain of your laminate flooring to face. The manufacturers recommend that the grain faces the same way that the sun light comes into the room.

Reminder: Before You Start your Installation
If you have a video tape that was included with the laminate flooring then it is highly recommended that you view the tape before installing the laminate flooring.

Use an Installation Check List of Tools
When you are installing laminate flooring remember to have a checklist of the tools that you will need. This will save you from having to go to the hardware store during installation.

Laminate Flooring Installation Step #3
When you are installing your laminate flooring the first thing you must do is tap the short ends together. However- DO NOT tap them too hard. Doing so could damage them, so just tap gently and wait for the seam to close.

Laminate Flooring Installation Step #4
Next, always keep the tongue towards you as you are installing the laminate flooring. NEVER tap against the grove. Make sure that you overlap the seams by at least 16-18 inches, if you don't then you might void your warranty.

Installing Reminder:
To install the first row always start from the left and then tap the short side of another board with the first one. This will create a link between the two. Repeat this until you are near the end of the room. Then check the space left (it should be 5/16 inch.). After that you can then put in the spacers along the wall and the laminated board.

Laminate Flooring Installation Step #5
Moving On - When Using a Bonding Agent
As you are installing the rows of laminate flooring, hinge the long sides and allow them to simply fall into place. Then simply tap the short sides together. There is a 2 part bonding agent placed on the tongue and on the groove of the short sides of the laminate flooring boards. Once the boards have been in contact for at least 20 minutes, the chemical reaction using the agent should begin to strengthen the boards. After 24hours the process is complete.

Don't Have Flooring Yet? - Don't Worry - Save Article!
If you are reading this article before purchasing any laminate flooring then you may get confused with all this talk of long and short sides. But once you have purchased your laminate flooring and got it out of the packaging you will start to know what those words mean. The videotape provided with your laminate flooring will also help you if you get stuck at any point when installing your laminate flooring.

Following these simple installation steps will help you achieve the perfect laminate flooring in your home. Laminate flooring is becoming very popular these days and more and more people are deciding to make the switch from carpet to laminate flooring. If you want to make the switch in your home and would like to know a brand that has become quite popular, try Quick Step laminate flooring. They will provide you with quality laminate flooring and easy to follow instructions.

Laminate flooring is the way to go for a cleaner floor - with out trapped dust in your carpet!

About the Author
Jason Ashby has over 25 years experiance in the flooring trade for click for more information on Quick-Step | Alloc | Arden Heritage | Tarkett

Installing Laminate Flooring
Five Major Steps to Laminate Flooring Installation
Laminate Flooring Installation Manual

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