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New Deck Building Punch List

05/10/09 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized, Deck Planning, Deck Estimating

New Deck Building Punch List

Building Permit / Contracting Information

What is the deck height below the door?

What is the attachment method to the home?
Attached or Detached

Dumpster size / Disposal method

Are new electrical outlets or lighting desired?

Any heating vents needing moving or notching around?

Plumbing relocation?

Additional items to move?

Is a 3 or 4 seasons room a future option?
Would one of these be desired quoted vs a deck?

If constructed with wooden material who will apply the paint and staining in the future? Is this desired quoted?

What material is desired under the deck? Weaving, solid, or open space?

Are benches or seating desired? If so note locations and sizes.

What post size is needed for the deck construction?

Will post covers be desired? Decorative posts? Stone or brick posts?

Note: It is recommended NOT to end a deck in the middle of a window or sliding door opening.

Remember home flashing - Z flashing and home wrap/ ice guard/ termite shield behind the deck rim joist.

Protect the home and plants as possible and note recommendations when plantings are needed to be moved. Scaffolding may be used to help protect these planted areas.

Are deck flower boxes or planters desired?

How many staircases? 1 typically
How many steps?
Note the stairway location and width.

Type of Railing?

Type of Decking?

Style of decking application? Any patterns?

Lawn and soil will be damaged - Note and include seed/ sod as needed

Are there any specific requests concerning the way the work should be done? Fastening?


Surround Sound?

Surround Lighting?

Clean Up

What is the date the work is desired to be done by? Is the scheduling of the contractor and homeowner compatible?

Remember the saying you can have only 2 items with new deck construction. Quality, service, and price. ONLY 2 of the 3. Which of the 2 is priority for you when determining your deck contractor? Be sure to discuss this with your potential deck contractor(s) to find the right contractor for construction of your new deck project.

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Mike RudhLearn how to build a deck like the pros at www.decks.com
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