Home Remodeling Final Cleaning Check List

Final Home Remodeling Cleaning Service:

Clean sinks
Clean toilets
Cleaning of showers and tubs
Dust ceiling fixtures
Dust window openings and blinds
HVAC register & duct cleaning
Mirror cleaning (No Streaks)
Mop solid surface flooring
Rake & magnet sweep outside building
Shine faucet and shower heads
Vacuum carpeted surfaces
Window cleaning

The above items should be cleaned (But not limited to these items) before leaving the remodeling job site.

Fire Insurance Company Requirements When You Have a Fire

Fire Insurance Information

Your Insurance Company Requirements

To report a claim to your insurance company what information is needed?

Claims are different, However your insurance company may require:

Fire Date

Damage Extent

Property Location

Related Injuries

Contacts Involved

Home Condition

Damaged Content Description

Temporary Repairs as needed

A Police Report

Additional Information may Require:

Temporary Housing

Your insurance company may cover your housing expenses. Seek to be reimbursed for these expenses. Keep in mind payments do not cover lost wages.

Should a police report be filed?
Yes. Most cases require a police report.

Should I show the insurance company my receipts?
Yes. Displaying documentation really helps. If these documents survived the fire have them ready. Receipts, owner's manuals, warranties, appraisals, and photographs.

Should I start making repairs to my home right away?
No. Talk to your insurance adjuster and do not make repairs until the adjuster has reviewed your damages.

What is a deductible?
This is the amount you pay as your part of the loss. The insurance company will pay over your deductible amount if your loss was covered.

How can I determine what I have lost in the fire?
Make a list.
Check it twice. Thrice is better :-)
Be accurate. State the manufactures, brand names, and the purchase location and dates of purchases.

To make this process easier divide your list into categories such as dividing your home by rooms. Photographs and video tapes and personal property inventories are also resource gold mines during the item listing process.

Should I throw damaged items away?
No. First confer with your insurance carrier agent and wait until damages have been assessed and your claim report is processed.

My vehicle was destroyed. Is this covered?
Your vehicle will be covered if you have comprehensive insurance.

Also contact your insurance agent or company representative.

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