Home Building Electrical Check List

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Home Building Electrical Check List
(Electrical System, Phone, and Cable Guide)

Also verify information on the electrical wiring diagram schedule as provided with plans or per electrical contractor.

Electrical Wiring per contractor
? Check List Guide
* See Electrical Schedule

Breaker Panel Box ? Existing Breaker Panel
Boxes for Outlets
Cover plates ? White Standard
Switches white
Lighting Fixture Types desired ? Recessed Can Lighting
Can Lighting
Ceiling Fans?
Fan Light Fixtures desired in which locations
w/ or with out Remote Control
Lighting in which rooms need Dimmer control switch
Heated Floor System desired?
If so what areas-
Driveway Lighting-
Exterior Outlet Locations- Yes or No
If So Desired locations are-
G.F.I. outlets - Bathrooms, Utility Room, Kitchen areas and any water accessible areas.
Accent Lighting?
Under Cabinets?
Track Lighting desired?
Kitchen Lighting?
Motion Sensor Units Desired? What areas?
Door Opener Lighting? What Doorways?
Verify Phone line locations (All possible locations for phones and Computers)
Verify Cable line location and rooms
Certain Location in Mechanical Room Desired for items-
Exterior Can Lighting Desired?
Certain Locations-
Extra Outlets in any areas-
Outlet run for Island Cabinet?determine best location on Island.
Verify all Appliance Locations?
Verify - Is Wall Microwave Desired and Location
T.V. or Radio Unit in Corner Kitchen Unit - Yes or No
High Wall T.V. Outlets desired for big screens?- Yes or No
Ceiling outlets for projectors- Yes or No
Built in Bar?Ice Chest Unit- Yes or No
Video Surveillance Systems? Yes or No
If so Camera Location-
Rope Lighting Desired- Yes or No
Christmas Lighting Outlets desired outside-
Other Electrical Concerns-
Speaker Wiring / Surround Sound
Misc. Information to pay special attention to:
Please Let Us Know Any thoughts or Desires To Make Sure The Work We Do Is Done Exactly As Desired - Thank You!

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Check List for Estimating Remodels and Home Additions

Success Methods For Winning Remodeling and Home Addition Estimates

Note: This Information is provided to help contractors looking to win remodeling estimates. We are looking to help especially younger contractors who want to know how to get remodeling work. It takes a lot of time - so keep your focus on the quality leads. But why shouldn't it take time? They are spending thousands of dollars and asking you to be in their home for weeks or months! Spending a few days on a detailed estimate in comparison to 6 weeks in their home is only fair!

After the first meeting you should know if you have potential to be the contractor chosen and if the financing is to be available so you can focus you energy on providing them a detailed estimate.

These Remodeling Success Notes are to help show you the Remodeling Success Steps of items we have learned the hard way. The first few estimates done this way are a lot of work. Know that it gets easier and faster each time. There also are Remodeling Estimator Books and online programs you should check your estimate totals with and use to speed up your total estimate time. Having a good computer with a fast connection is important. If the investment seems too much for you to include at first as it often is a public library may be a good place to find estimating software references and be connected to a good computer at high speed until you can set up a good office.

Check List Guide for Estimating Home Remodels, Renovations, and Additions

Provide the potential Customer a Nice Looking Portfolio(s) of pictures and references. Offer to leave it with them - this is also good to ensure second meeting.

SEND A THANK YOU NOTE or Email for meeting them pending on the best method by job size. If you have good hand writing this is best. Keep it short - Thank them and State you are working on their quote and looking forward to providing the quote.

Find ways to Be Personal and Show You Care.
Then Really Care and find what is best for the customer
One Way To show this is to Include Pictures of the project with attached notes of specific desires typed. Using a simple program such as Microsoft Paint may do the trick.

Provide Floor Plans of their home. Ask for extra time at the first meeting to ensure getting detailed measurements as possible.
Doing a few simple layouts by hand on graph paper also is a nice personal touch. Other wise learn to use a good 3-D Cad program.
Provide Floor Plan
Elevations?Original (s)
Cut through Floor Plan (s)
Electrical Plan

Include a Nice Looking Professional Company Paper
Why Choose Your Company/ A List Of Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Professional Looking Company Brochure

Letter? Show your desire for the work

Contract (s)

Bride in White or other low pressure selling tactics as needed

National Averages Page with Highlighted $ for the numbers similar to the project if your project is estimated lower

Estimate?w/ Break Downs?
Contractor Page?w/ Totals
Customer Page?No contractor #?s-
State Customer #?s, Customer Desires
Include: Sq. Footage Work to be done _____ Sq Ft & $_____ per Sq. Foot
Note: Customer Specific Desires:

Exterior Door Window Schedule/ Estimate
Interior Door Schedule/ Estimate
Plumbing Schedule/ Estimate
Cabinet Schedule/ Estimate
Electrical Schedule/ Estimate
HVAC Schedule/ Estimate
Framing Break Down / Estimate
Flooring Estimate Break Down

Estimate (s):
1 Plans / Permit Fees
2 Excavation/ Site Work / Landscaping
3 Disposal/ Dumpster/ Demolition
4 Footings/ Foundation Walls
5 Concrete Flat-work
6 Framing
7 Roofing
8 Siding
9 Doors/ Windows Exterior
10 Insulation
11 Electrical
13 Plumbing
14 Trim Work
15 Drywall
16 Painting
17 Flooring
18 Hardware Allowance
19 Brick/ Stone work
20 Cleaning/ Hauling Materials
21 Deck
22 Extras: Fireplaces, Saunas, Steam Rooms, and Misc. Items

Room by Room Checklists (1 for Each Room)
You may determine to keep these private due to the amount of information and the increase to potential errors or customer perception
Know Your Customer - Verify Correct Sales pending on your customer type

Provide Quality Checklists
Electrical Checklist
Outdoor Checklist
Siding Checklist
Roofing Checklist
Drywall Checklist

Later If Work is not secured at the 2nd Meeting send:
Envelope?Return Envelop with Stamp?&
Questionnaire Form

Provide a quality
Business Card & Magnet

Provide a Recent References Sheet?With Contact #?s

Note?Add on options or Specialty Items

Include Profit and Overhead $
Copy of Insurance ? Liability Work Comp, Unemployment, Vehicle, Equipment
Copy of Builders License

Estimate was double checked by self and another person!

No math or spelling mistakes.

Estimate: Done by desired time for customer.

Follow up method in motion after estimate provided.
Thank You note for considering.

Pre Estimate First Meeting Footnotes:

Interview on the phone prior. Your time is valuable. Find out if the lead has potential to work with your construction company and if financing has been arranged.

Confidence in yourself is essential. Meeting with two people may help if you are sure not to dominate or intimidate the potential customer. Matching their speed and learn to understand body language.

Know You Will Get the Work! Listen, Listen, Listen and Listen some more to what they are saying. Find what is best for their needs. If you are not the best contractor for the job thank them for their time and show them who is. If you are the best then show them why. and show them how you will do this for them with examples of how you have done this for others.

Really, Sincerely Care about each and every person you meet. Pay close attention to and know how to include the woman (Especially true if you are a man) as they are the deciding force behind the scenes. Often they have the personality that does not get involved when meeting. The women usually knows what they want and the needs of the home the best. She knows the needs the best and usually will be the force behind what gets done. Know what she wants as the saying goes,"If the wife isn't happy ain't nobody happy."

Make sure you meet with Both the husband and the wife if the remodeling work is to be done for a couple at your first meeting. Find tactful ways to show why having both there is important.

The key to referrals is to do top quality work and provide Service and Consideration. Learn this lesson from mistakes we made - How you handle and show them that mistakes will happen will be Key to your Remodeling Referrals.

Bottom Line: Have Confidence In Yourself, Show them Why you are the best company for the work, and find what is best for customer.

I sincerely hope you have found this information enlightening.

Please also send a Thank You note if you have found this information to be useful! Please also note any way(s) to improve or other useful information that we could include.

Thank You!

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