Bedroom Remodel Check List

Sample Bedroom Remodel Check List

Self= Customer Name NO/ C.O. = Not included Yes or if stated= Included w/ Contractor $
Verify Desires = Please verify to ensure this information is accurate

Rough Electrical? Lighting and Outlets Locations Per Plan Light fixtures per electrical plan schedule
Verify?Desired WINDOW style and sizing per plan with Customer
Framing = 2 x 4 walls interior, 2 x 6 walls exterior, 10? - 12? TJI joists/ Match existing home.3/4? T & G O.S.B. Flooring
Framing - May add drywall cracking to existing structure? Touch up Painting may be needed with Repair or Spackling
Sub-floor?Existing Height
Paint? Flat White/ Kiltz or equivalent Color Paint by Customer
Window & Door Trim? 2 1/4? Colonial White
Drywall? Crows Foot Texture Ceiling
Drywall?Knock Down Textured Walls in Closets/ Smooth Walls or Match existing home other walls
Insulation ?Walls - Ceiling Existing in Existing Home?R48 Min Blow in Cellulose in Attic, R 19/21 Fiberglass Walls
Finish Floor covering ??Self Allowance?
Doors? Width per plan w/ Door Sizing per plan Raised 2 Panel by Alcoa
Door Hardware?Self/ Allowance
Closet Shelving other than 1 shelf & Hardware?Self $, Self Installation?
Verify Phone and T.V. Jack Locations if desired
Verify Surround Sound Speaker Locations
Verify Heat Run Locations
Final Electrical?Hook Up for Lights, Outlets, Cable, and Breaker Box Connections
Trim Heating/ AC? Existing runs?tied into / basic white trim, add $ for a new Furnace or new ductwork
Skylight?Velux 22x48
Clean Up

Bathroom Remodeling Check List

Bathroom Remodeling Sample Contract Check List

Item/Phrase Self= Customer Name NO= Not included
Yes = Included w/ Contractor $
Verify= Please check this list to make sure this is accurate or as desired
Note This is a lot of information.
Check Lists help our communication to make sure the work is exactly as desired.
Note - slight substitutions of these items may be used.
The important thing is to communicate to make sure we do the work exactly as desired?asking questions if this information is not understood or accurate will help to prevent problems & misunderstandings.

Rough Electrical?To code/ Per electrical Plan
Verify Desires? Location of shower control if desired $ with Plumbing allowance
Rough Heating/ AC? 1 Runs 4? x 12? Register - Verify Desires
Rough Plumbing?Per plumbing allowance and plumbing schedule
Drywall?1/2? Crows Foot Textured Ceiling Semi Smooth Walls
Ceramic Tile With Flooring Allowance per Customer
Baseboard Trim 4 1/4 ? Colonial White/ Verify?Plastic materials are a good choice for a bath environment/ Substitute to Tile Self
Door Trim 2 3/4? Colonial/ 3 1/2? SPF
Paint/ wallpaper PAINT Commercial Grade Flat White Sealer (KILTZ) Colors by Customer
Underlayment w/ Flooring $ as needed
Finish Floor covering ?Tile or Vinyl Floor per customer selection
Doors? Width per plan w/ Door Sizing per plan? 2 Raised White Hollow Core by Alcoa
Door Hardware?Nickel
Trim electrical material?White?Basic Verify if Stainless or other option is desired
Final Electrical?Hook Ups / One fan w/ one light? Light Fixtures and Selection by Customer
Trim Heating/ AC?White Basic?4? x 12?
Bathroom Fixtures per plumbing Estimate?Toilet, Sink or Sink & Counter-top & Walk in Shower? Need to verify desired layout.
Other Specific Requests?
Verify?Please Note Any Desires or Uncertainties
Sauna Dollars are per customer? Radio system $, T.V. $ , etc. are also per Customer.
Clean Up

Hardware & Misc. Items are figured as Self $.
Cabinets and countertop are figured as Self $
Hardware & Misc. items may include: Door knobs, bumpers, towel holders, Mirrors, Toilet Paper Holder, Shower Doors/ curtain
Cabinet Sizes for Bath: ?Pedestal Sink Cabinet ? Per Customer
Four Foot Vanity by Your Cabinet Company Select Brand
Counter-top Size : 49 Inch Granite Counter-top Left Side Exposed per plan
Electrical Light Fixtures for the Bathroom./ Exhaust Fan and Vanity Light are also figured as Customer $.
Verify Desired Locations on Floor Plan

If this information is not listed as desired let us know.
We are happy to modify the quote until it is exactly right .
This is the point of the check lists?to help us in our communication to make sure the work we do is done exactly as desired and surprises are minimized.

This Material is solely the property of Brands Construction. Fees must be paid or written permission granted to copy all or portions of this material other than for Private Use. (Copyright Law)

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Summary of Total Bathroom Materials
Basic Bathroom Materials may include:

Floor Covering
Heated Floor System *
Wall Covering *
Sink or Sinks
Faucet or faucets for sinks
Toilet and Bidet *
Lighting Fixtures Strip Light, Exhaust Fan Light, Medicine Cabinet Lighting are common
Interior Bathroom Door and Hardware - Handle and Door Bumper
Exhaust Fan
Heat Supply Grill
Whirlpool Tub *
Steam Shower *
Sauna *
Shower Extras
Shower head and Controls
Shower Door *
Shower Curtain and Curtain Rod without a door
Medicine Cabinet
Vanity - This is a Regular Cabinet with a Sink or Two in It.
Vanity Counter-top Selection (Note: A 48" Vanity Cabinet has a top of 49" if overhanging on one side)
Towel Bars, Towel Rings
Wall Shelving Units
Floor Shelving Units
Soap Holder
Toothbrush Holder
Clothing Hook
T P Holder
Telephone *
T.V. Mount and T.V. *
Towel Warmer Unit *

Please Let us Know if there are any items you would like to see added to this list!

Thank You - We hope you are having a Great Day and have found this information useful!


Bathroom Accessories

Free Bathroom Designs

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