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Siding Installation Check List

Siding Installation Check List

Siding Style/Type = Heartland Vinyl Autumnwood Collection

Siding Width = Double 5"

Siding Color = Clay

Trim Color Verified? White Eves, Fascia, Drip edge

Garage Door Trim/ Color Verified/ Match Siding

Siding Lap Exposure- 5?

Corner Style /Color Verify/ Match Siding/ White or Alternative Color

Fascia Style/ Width 6? White

Fascia Material? 2 x 6 wrapped w/ White Aluminum
(Fascia Moldings- Fascia Cove- Fascia Crown- Fascia bed)
Typically Are Not included? add as desired

Soffit Style/ Width Gable/ Verify Per Plans and w/ Customer
Example: 6? Gable, 12? Eve

Soffit Style/ With Eve edges? Metal -Vented Eves/ Solid Gables

Windows? Square/ Level? Verify Type with Customer

Gutters- Note- May be another Installer? Not figured

Shutters/Locations/color? Verify if desired

Neat Metal Bends, Flashing as needed, Drip Edge Fastened as needed

Brick Mold Wrapped

Z Flashing installed /deck locations as applicable

Brick/ stone Locations Verified/ Flashing in Locations as necessary- 4? up only not per plan

?J? Channel Corners?Neat- Windows/ Door Openings

Verify & Confirm Overlap directions

Clean UP of Site &
Cleaning of Installed Materials at Project Completion

Home Owner? We would encourage you to walk around with the siding sub-contractor and Verify that everything is to your satisfactory before signing this form.
Siding Crew? Note: This Form must be signed by Homeowner or Contractor to receive Payment.

Date- ________

Signature- _______

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