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A Luxurious Looking Bathroom Doesn't Have To Be Just For The Rich And Famous

We can turn our bathrooms into our own luxurious day spas with a little imagination and some cool accessories thanks to major improvements in the industry of late. You can turn your bathroom into a relaxing haven of tranquility and peace with the products on the market today. Of course you must identify the available space before deciding upon what type of decor you will go with. Many modern homes are limited in bathroom space unless you buy a custom home.

If you have a smaller area to work with you can go with lighter colors and pastel tones to make the area look lighter and more open. Lighter colors like this go a long way to making a room appear much larger than it actually is. With bathrooms it isn't an option to have big clear windows that allow an abundance of light in so we have to be creative. In some cases this may include a large skylight but since the natural light is limited in most cases you must always keep the lighting factor at the front of your mind.

You also have to choose certain materials to use when decorating a bathroom. You don't want the wallpaper peeling off of the wall so you want to use vinyl coated paper that resists moisture and is durable. When painting you will want to use enamel oil based paint instead of water based acrylic that may peel easily.

Marble has been used in bathrooms for a long time, although it is by no means the cheapest of luxury bathroom accessories. If you have the money to implement it, you will definitely get a luxurious look. After you have finished with the basic decorating there are many other items that can add to the joy you get from your bathroom. In addition to the normal bathroom accessories you have numerous choices in mirrors, furniture, and lighting which are in all bathrooms and many that may be rarely seen. One high quality item that isn't found in most bathrooms is the whirlpool bath. In addition to just being great for relaxing they are also great for helping with the treatment of things like arthritis and common muscle aches and soreness.

A sauna is perhaps the epitome of luxury bathroom accessories and you definitely have to have the space available to install one. The majority of suppliers have many sizes available to choose from though so this is becoming less of an issue. Saunas aren't cheap but they are the high end in luxury bathrooms. Just take the time to plan and you will be able to have the high end luxury bathroom of your dreams.

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Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Articles

Designing Home Floor Plan Features For Building a New Log Cabin

Designing Home Floor Plans For Building a Log Cabin

Log Cabin Homes are generally sought after for their rustic appeal. The raw material blends in with nature?s landscape and gives a feeling of being one with your surroundings. The great outdoors are the main inspiration for the overall design of log home plans.

To truly capture the connection between nature and your log home, the home plan you choose will need a few key features.

A Log Home Floor Plan may have what you need to create your natural environment.

Home Plan Designers follow these guideline:

Key 1: Blendation
Your land is a valuable asset and should be enjoyed by your family and friends. To take full advantage of your very own outdoor home, create a blendation between your house and your lot. A covered wrap-around porch is a great example of this. Patios are great as well, and plenty of windows help.

Key 2: Lighting
The sun is the most abundant resource we have, and the best way to light up your home. Take advantage of this resource with large windows. Wrap-around porches are nice, still they create shade. Place windows above these porches to distribute and light up your house. Dormers are great for this. Skylights are also a great feature to include whenever convenient.

Key 3: Floor Plan Openness
A tight floor plan makes you feel like you are a bird in a cage inside without an escape. An open area lets you be indoors without this feeling of being closed in. High ceilings help accomplish this open effect. Make your kitchen a centerpiece with a beautiful open home plan design and plenty of storage space. The open home plan lets people be together, improves air circulation, and creates a friendly atmosphere.

Key 4: Enjoyment
Log house plans and cabins should be large enough for enjoyment. Open plans should allow a social ambiance that extends beyond the walls to the outdoors and the exterior porches and patios of the home. An upper loft can make room for an escape, and a good place to read a book in comfortable relaxing environment.

Log home plans should provide a unique integration with nature.

Covered wrap-around porch
Plenty of windows
Windows above porches
Open rooms
Raw material blends: Logs, stonework, Rustic Fireplaces...

Let us know if there is additional information about your dream home floor plan or log cabin home plan designing you would like to be included.

Blendation =Author Personal Word which perhaps should be included in the dictionary ;-) !
Definition?Blending or a smooth transition of home plans and the surrounding environment

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