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Mortar Repair and Fixing Your Cracked Grout and Mortar Line Tips

Mortar Repair and Fixing Your Cracked Grout and Mortar Line Tips

Brick and Block-work Mortar Repair

Replacing mortar joints
What is Tuck-Pointing?
What is a Tuck-pointer?
Brick and Block Work Tools

Remodeling often comes across the common problem of brick and block work needing mortar joints replaced. Did you know mortar repair is the most common brick and block work? Brick and block mortar joints being replaced is called "Tuck-pointing". Tuck-pointing can be used to fix walls, chimneys, stone walls, and other structures where mortar is bonded with brick.

Mortar repair requires certain tools and materials to assure your success. What tools will you need to repair your mortar and your grout lines?

Repair of stone, block and brickwork requires the basic tools of a tuck-pointer, mortar hawk, raking tool, bricklayers hammer, jointing tool, stone chisel, and a stiff-bristle brush. Mortar and concrete fortifier are also needed materials for your remodel repair job of repairing brick and block crack joints known as tuck-pointing.

You motivated yet man? ARE YOU READY? Lets begin the mortar repair work! Clean out the loose mortar to about 1/2"-3/4" deep. To begin your repair work take the mortar raking tool to clean out the loose mortar. Then switch to the masonry (stone) chisel and hammer to finish the job. Once this is done, clear the loose mortar away and apply water to the surface. Then apply fresh mortar.:D Your Doing Great If You Are Reading Still! You Will Find Success!

Mix the mortar and add the concrete fortifier (Tinting may be necessary to match the mortar's color). Load the mortar onto the hawk (Tool with a handle or you can make your own holder with a board) and push the mortar into the joints using the tool called what? A tuck-pointer! You are catching on! At this point we are putting the mortar in the horizontal joints only. Apply the mortar in 1/4" thick layers and let each layer dry for 30 minutes before applying another layer. Keep applying mortar until the mortar is flush with the brick for optimal success.

Now is the correct time to add mortar to the vertical joints. Again, use the tuck-pointer and press mortar into the joints working from the top down. Continue with your grout line repair work applying mortar in layers as before. When the final layer of mortar is applied, smooth the joints with a jointing tool that matches the old mortar joints. Strike off the horizontal mortar lines before the vertical grout lines.

Is there a final step? Sure! For a final touch - when the mortar is crumbly after drying awhile, brush excess the with a stiff-bristle brush.

We hope this article helps you understand grout and mortar repair! In the future we hope to illustrate these articles with pictures as well - so check back often! Thank You For Reading!

Wishing You Remodeling Success!


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