Bed Sizes for Building New Bed Frames

Bed Sizes for Building New Bed Frames

Bed Sizes for Sizing and Planning New Room Designs

Bedroom Bed Sizes
Planning New Bedroom Sizes

Twin New Bed Size
Width 39 Inches Length 79 Inches

Full New Bed Size
Width 54 Inches Length 75 Inches

Queen New Bed Size
Width 60 Inches Length 80 Inches

King New Bed Size
Width 76 Inches Length 80 Inches

Note: Credit to Jon Arno and the Professional Edition of The Woodworkers Visual Handbook. Bed mattress sizes may vary pending on the bed manufacture. Please verify dimensions.

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Painting a Bedroom and Home Painting Tips

Painting your Home
Painting Bedrooms On A Budget

Painting our homes is something we all face. :D Whether we look to paint a single room such as a bedroom or paint our entire home the questions are - Can We Paint On a Budget? How can money be saved when painting your home? What supplies are needed for painting a bedroom in a home?

Shall we start with painting supplies for a bedroom? An average home room size of 10 x 15 (The average Bedroom size) will equal a coverage of 450 square feet of wall space for a home. This is assuming you have nine foot ceilings or you use a little extra paint when painting. :D Remember - 150 Square feet of ceiling space as well.

Many people painting homes make the mistake of not painting the ceiling of their home right away. They think the ceiling is all right, until they paint the walls. Then they decide to paint the ceiling of the home - TOO LATE.

Painting the Ceiling of your home is a good idea if you decide to paint a room. Painting the ceiling on your home first is much easier than doing only the walls and then deciding a year later to go back and paint your ceiling.

Paint Coverage
A gallon of paint covers 250 to 400 square feet. Take this times two and we have enough for the walls and the ceiling for the bedroom in your home.

Home Painting Supplies?
An angled paint brush, a roller, roller covers, a paint pan, painters (blue rolls) or masking tape, painter paper (covering trim) paint edger, plastic, painters caulk, caulk gun, wood filler or putty, and a putty knife are other supplies needed before starting painting.

Paint Brush and Roller Quality
Paint Brush and paint roller quality is important! Know the quality of brushes and rollers you are purchasing and what paint brush type works best to ensure quality painting for your home as well as making the painting process much easier.

Dollar stores also sell home painting materials. Often they have high quality brushes along with the standard lower grade stock. This can be a place for a bargain! This is also true for rollers and roller covers.

However - most people find the paint brush and roller selection there is often lower end. This can be frustrating :'(! Fuzzies get all over as you begin painting with cheap paint rollers. Pick, Pick, pick, fuzzie, fuzzie, fuzzie... NO FUN AT ALL! Perhaps purchasing painting materials from your local home center is a better choice after all!

Often paying more for better quality painting materials will cost less in the long run. If you understand paint brush and roller types - you can get bargains but for most of us paying more will end up with us paying less when our home painting project is complete.

Home Painting Protection
Red Resin Paper (3' Rolls of Red Paper)
Painters Paper
Rolls of Plastic (Poly is a common term) 9 foot to 12 foot rolls by 50 feet to 250 feet long

Painting Budgeting Dollars
Plan on spending around $100 to $125 on painting materials if you are planning on painting a bedroom in your home. Sticking with good quality paint will cost you less on your paint coverage as well as the time you spend painting in your home. You know what they say! Time is money! Save yourself a headache and use good quality paints!

Take care of your home painting tools. The paint brushes, pan, edger, putty knife, and paint roller can all be cleaned and used again for painting following rooms in your home.

Saving painting tools lowers your painting budget! This adds up to quite a bit if painting multiple rooms. (Instead of $125 dollars for painting one rooms - perhaps under $180 Dollars for two!) Cleaning your painting tools right away also helps keep the painting project flowing smoothly.

Home Painting Tip - Folding Plastic or Tarp
You protected the floor from paint spills with plastic or a tarp correct? When painting the room is complete and you are moving to another room in your home - fold your plastic or tarp toward the center! This will allow you to use it again.

Paint Brushes can also be placed in storage bag(s) (Two bags is better than one!) and placed in re-fridge or freezer of your home when taking a break.

Foam paint brushes - handy painter touch up tip!

Have a few of these!

I will probably hear it from the true penny pincher's, but I usually throw away used paint roller covers. Currently it is $7 for a six pack and cleaning them just isn't worth my time. Paint Rollers also seem to lose absorbency and using a new paint roller for each project area seems to work best.

Paint Dollar Amount
If you shop around and find bargains for good quality paint you may be able to purchase paint for your home in the $25 to $35 range per gallon. It may be as high as $45 which at first seems high doesn't it! Painting dollars can be saved when purchasing the paint in larger quantities such as five gallon buckets.

Buying Quality Paint Saves Dollars
Remember that we get what we pay for! A recent home owner painted first the upstairs and later the basement of the home. They found they used twice as much paint using the lower dollar paint for their home! The actually paid 1/3 more for the lower dollar paint! Sticking with quality paint for your home is in your best interest! Be smart - It is your money - Keeping an eye out for sales and rebates is a great idea!

Painting Reminder - Bottom Line -
- Good quality paint will cost you less short term, and help to ensure your satisfaction with the painting for your home for years to come!

Wishing You Success!

Do you have any home painting tips or suggestions you would like to share? Please Comment!

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