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Roof Repair Guide
Roofing Quick Fix Article
Should I Replace my Roof?
Should I Fix my Roof?

Roof Repair Quick Fix Guide

Roof Quick Fix
Roof have problems?

Do You Have Dollars For Roof Replacement?
Does your budget allows roof replacement? If not - there are times when a roof can be fixed before you hire a professional roofer.

Roof Inspection - At The Beginning -A place to start your roof inspection is to climb into your attic. Look up at your roof for signs of water damage. Inspect the framing and insulation in your attic.

Roof Inspection Step Two - Outside -
Check your roof for broken shingles, bare spots, or shingles starting to curl. Critical roof areas to examine is around chimneys, vents, and joints because this is where a roof leak usually starts into homes. Use a binoculars to examine your homes roof instead of climbing onto your roof may save your life!

Roof Repair Option One
This roof repair option is the most common, and usually a waste of time. Small holes can be repaired with the roofing cement. However, if this wears out in under a year as it most likely will your home's roof will still need a fix, replacement, or repair.

Roof Repair Option Two
A more effective Roof Repair Tip than roof repair option one (Roof Cement) is to slip a metal flashing under the shingle at the hole location. This roof repair option works best on a warm day. NOW - is the right time to use your caulk gun and roofing cement - with the metal flashing. * More Details Below!

Roof Repair - No Option -
Roof Repair - No Option - ! :( You are looking at your home's roof and it is showing the roofing granules to be completely worn through! Looking at your roof's valleys are you seeing that there are many cracks? Your home's roof is almost certainly leaking! If this is true - and your roof is not leaking (yet) the second layer of shingles on your roof may be slowing down the water infiltration into your home along with your homes insulation. You still need a New Roof! - Sorry -When granules are worn off, and there are multiple cracks, roof repair is usually NOT a good option. Finding three recommended local roofing contractors through your roofing supplier may be in your best interest.

* Roof Repair Quick Fix Option 2
If you think the roof repair option is for you keeping - reading, else you may skip this section!

Roof Repair Quick Fix - Gently work up the shingle. Apply the roofing cement under and above the flashing.

Tip: If the shingle doesn't lay flat place a weight (Cement Block) on it until your roof cement is dry. (30 Minutes)

Roof Repair Option Number Three:
Replace the Damaged Shingle
This roof repair method also works best on warm days (60 degrees to 80 degrees)
"Be vwary, vwary careful Doc."

Step 1
Lift up the shingle above the damaged shingle and use a pry bar or a wonder bar to remove the shingle and nails. Then - do the same with the damaged shingle.

Step 2
Slide in a new shingle and fasten with roofing nails. Applying roofing cement under the upper shingle is best.

No Matching Shingles? Only one hole to fix in your roof?
It may be best to repair the shingle with the metal flashing method or roof repair option number two.

If your roof has more damage that you can repair yourself - it may be best to hire a roofing professional. Having a well sealed roof is important to the protection and the investment of your home.

Roof Repair Quick Tip
Roofing Flashing Substitution
No access to a hardware store because you are doing the roof repair on a holiday and the roofing supply stores are closed?
Or - Do you just like to reuse things?
Metal flashing for roof repair can be cut from sheet metal or other objects. What objects work for repairing roofs? Any object!
An old clean can from a jar of beans! The lid may even work if you can flattened it out completely and ensure there are No Sharp edges!
Instead of throwing out the trash - you fixed your roof!
Roofing Flashing Substitution
Roof Repair Quick Tip


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"Be vwary, vwary careful Doc." Trademark Slogan of Warner Brothers just in case you do not watch cartoons and thought the author was bad at spellinggsss. :D

Roof Repair Guide
Roofing Quick Fix Article
Should I Replacement my Roof?
Should I Fix my Roof?

Roof Repair Quick Fix Guide

Roof Quick Fix
Roof have problems?

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10 Quick Home Organizing Tips

Home Organization: Top 10 Simple Quick and Easy Home Organization Tips

10 Home Organization Tips

Need the perfect home organization plan? Start with the small and work up to the larger projects.

Home Organizing Tip 1:
Pens and Pencils storage

Use a coffee mug for neat and easy storage of your pens and pencils. Everyone has a coffee mug and this is a great way of storing your writing utensils.

Home Organizing Tip 2:
Organize Recipes

Organize your favorite recipes in alphabetical order. How? Using note cards and a note card box or with a binder and alphabetical separators.

Home Organizing Tip 3:
Organize C.D.'s , DVD'S, Tapes, VHS
Do you collect VHS or DVD movies? Neatly store your collection. When feasible, selecting a wooden unit is best for strength and a pleasant appearance as opposed to inexpensive, plastic units.

Home Organizing Tip 4:
Clothes Separated by Seasons

Time to store seasonal clothes? Purchase a large plastic tote. Do you not like folding? Try rolling your clothes! This reduces wrinkles and fold lines as well as saving a lot of space. Labeling the tub is and labeling items is essential to good home organization.

Home Organizing Tip 5:
Silverware Trays - THE BIG STYLE! -

Use a silverware tray in your kitchen's drawer.

Home Organizing Tip 6:
Baskets by Sofas/ Couches

For storage use a basket next to the sofa. Discard the old magazines and newspapers. Do clean this basket regularly to avoid clutter.

Home Organizing Tip 7:
Fireproof Safe

Place important papers, including deeds, titles and tax papers in a fireproof protective box.

Home Organizing Tip 8:
Tip 8: Donate

If you have any items that you no longer want, consider donating them to a local non-profit agency. This will save space and you may have a good feeling by giving to your community as well.

Home Organizing Tip 9:
Throw It Away!

Throw away old mail. Credit card offers? Remember - throw them out without first shredding the letters :D. Identity theft is a huge problem and using a paper shredder on bills and credit card offers prevents anyone from ever gaining access to your private financial information. :D Be sure to avoid this so you can have a chance to be on T.V. as the next dummy to be ripped off!

Home Organizing Tip 10:
Organize Your Kitchen

Kitchen organization is essential as it is the most used room in a home. To keep kitchen's neatly organized it may help to place all appliances close to an electrical outlets. This avoids power cords running across the countertop. You will find placing the microwave, toaster and coffee maker all in one location will be very convenient.

Need the perfect home organization plan?
Start with the small and work up to the larger projects.

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