Home Building Inspections - Dealing with Home Building Inspectors

Home Building Inspectors and Home Building Inspections
Dealing With Home Building Inspector Codes

Home Building Inspectors and Home Building Codes

Home Building Codes tend to be confusing for homeowners and even home building contractors as home building codes change frequently. Are you one who considers home building inspectors a waste of time? Wasted money? Or perhaps wondering why in the world do we have home building inspectors anyway? This article has your answers!

Can we go back to walking in our neighbors' shoes? Perhaps this will help us see why home building inspection offices exist!

To enforce consistent methods of home building and installation - To ensure the safety of families (LIKE YOUR OWN FAMILY) is the reason for the home building codes. Well - duh - :roll:You Say ... just like the police officers who pad their pockets giving us fines.:D To this I say - (I am writing as an American and my apologies if this information is offensive or not accurate) - Would you like to live in Mexico? You get what you pay for... Do your home improvement or home building the right way - the first time. The small fee for home building inspections is well worth it.

Home Building Codes sometimes and usually just make common sense. A common question asked by home owners is why do I need outlets every two feet in the kitchen when on the walls they are around six feet apart? A practical answer to this for your home is because appliance cords are shorter on toasters than they are for lamps. When home owners move into their new home - they then understand! When they have the mixer, coffee maker, toaster, etc... all plugged in they often wish for even more outlets in their home!

Do You See? Home Building Inspection Codes Are Enforcements to Common Sense - for the times we forget our common sense! Understanding why we need codes is what takes the understanding :D.

Well, Why do Building Codes change so much then? Why do businesses change company structures? To improve the success of the company relies on the building of satisfied customers. The home building inspection office works the same way.

The home building inspectors who remain building inspectors are there because they care about people and find what is best for the home owners - daring to challenge the home builders who want to take short cuts and violate home building codes. Take time to talk with your local home building inspector and know your home building codes.

Ask for advice at a time that is convenient for your home inspector - after you have done your home work. When you are ready to move ahead with your home remodeling or home building - get the needed building permits before you start your home's project and follow national and local home building codes.

Now Go Do Work You Can Be Proud Of!

Dealing With Home Building Inspector and Codes
Tips 101 and Informational Center Part 2

Note: Home Inspectors do have tight schedules and can not be expected to take time to educate you on how to electrical work for instance if you are a home owner. The job they do is to inspect, not plan the project for your home.

A few steps may help ensure smooth home inspections.

Before scheduling a home inspection - ask the home building department for printed information about your type of electrical project. Make drawings of the work you will do on a special type of graph paper (lines disappear when copied!) or with a CAD program. Have your home drawings be neat, and complete with a material list for your home's project.

You have drawn up plans for your home and worked hard on them. Time to submit them to the home inspector for approval. Now - Criticism Time! On Your Plans! You worked so very hard on your home plans too! BITE your tongue and LISTEN! The home inspector may see 20 or more plans a day to the one home remodeling plan you made. Home Inspectors know more than you do! When we think for a second we know better than the home inspectors I will compare this to my son stomping his foot because he knows better than I do and he knows how to drive the car - even if he is only five. :D Do home inspectors sometimes need to see the whole picture and miss out on some items - sure - they are busy. Respect them, ask them, and they will help you. Make it clear to them that you want to do things the right way.

Take Notes. Remember the code details your home inspector tells you.

Understand when home inspections will happen.
Understand Exactly what needs to be done before each home inspection.
Understand before calling up Mr. Home Inspector that your construction is complete by Double Checking Double Checking Everything Twice, Twice!
A common - NO - NO - mistake is drywalling before the home building inspector shows up. It sure takes a lot longer to take off drywall and then rehang or replace the drywall!

Even if everything was done correctly - you still look like my son hiding his hands behind his back. :D Even when my son did not take the candy I am still asking him what did you take? Ask it Out When in Doubt - Call your home building inspection office - Ask!

Building inspection departments or local codes may have limits on the kinds of work a homeowner can do. A professional may be needed for at least part of your home remodeling or home building project. Other inspection offices let you take on advanced work if you can pass an oral or written test. Be prepared to understand codes while implementing understanding of the entire building inspection process!

As you move on and start your home remodel process - Working with your local home building department - You will find home building or home remodeling success!

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Choices We Make

05/10/08 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Welcome, In real life, On the web, Marketing

Choices We Make
By Helen Burton

We have a choice to either think about what is going wrong in our lives or to think about what is going right in our lives. I have found that most of the time our minds make the choice for us. This morning, as I was waking up, my mind started thinking about an upsetting situation that made me feel bad and took all my energy. After thinking about it for a while I realized either I could role play this situation in my head or I could think about something that puts a smile on my face. Making the choice to change my thinking took awhile, but slowly my thoughts started to change.

Why do we automatically start thinking about upsetting thoughts instead of happy ones? In considering this I came up with the following ideas:

Benefits of Thinking Upsetting Thoughts
1. Familiar feeling.
2. Not having control over the outcome of the situation, we start thinking about ways in which we can be in control.
3. It feels good to feel sorry for ourselves.
4. It gives us an excuse to procrastinate.
5. We are looking for sympathy from others.

Benefits of Thinking Happy Thoughts
1. It makes us feel good and gives us plenty of energy.
2. It motivates us.
3. It puts a smile on our face.
4. It develops self-confidence and we feel proud.
5. It creates commitment

We have a choice - either we can walk around feeling good or we can try to think of ways to change a situation that has already happened. Just for today, which choice will you make?

I know that thinking happy thoughts will give me more energy, motivation and put a smile on my face. The next question then becomes - how do you change those thoughts. What follows are some ideas in regards to this:

1. Acknowledge the thought and when the thought stops, start thinking about something that made you happy in the past.
2. While thinking the unhappy thought give yourself a big hug and say out loud, ?I feel sorry for you and I love you.? Giving ourselves sympathy sometimes makes us feel better.
3. Journal about the situation and think of ways you can let go of the negative thoughts.
4. Put a smile on your face while you are thinking - usually the negative thought will disappear!
5. For today, don?t talk about your unhappy thoughts. Think about only what makes you happy.

Have a beautiful day and make a choice to think happy thoughts!

Author's Bio
Helen J. Burton received her certification as a Coach and is a Love Yourself Coach working with individuals who are tired of struggling with food. After losing 70 pounds, and keeping it off since 1998, Helen realized she had a special gift of helping people with food struggles. Now Helen works with individuals who need more than a diet program to lose weight and live the life they always wanted, instead of just wishing for that life. Helen loves spending time having coffee with friends and spending quality time with her grandchildren. www.theloveyourselfcoach.blogspot.com.

To receive more tips about how to be kind to yourself while Getting Off the Diet Merry-Go-Round visit her blog at http://www.theloveyourselfcoach.blogspot.com

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