Window Cleaning - Cleaning Window Tips


Window Cleaning - Cleaning Window Tips
Window Cleaning: What the Professionals Do Not want You to Know

Window cleaning is one of the easiest tasks to perform if the house keeping crew has the proper tools at its disposal. What is needed is a synthetic lambs wool window washing tool, a bucket that will accommodate the tool, a squeegee, and a clean lint free cloth. The better squeegees have quick release mechanisms and angled heads.

I forget to mention one other window washing tool - You! :D the window washer being motivated to actually clean the windows is the most important element to keeping your home's windows sparkling clean!

A cleaning solution often containing a little ammonia is prepared with cold water or warm water. The water should never be hot as the ammonia reacts with the hot water. The first step is to remove all window coverings to facilitate the cleaning and to avoid the possibility of spilling cleaning solution on the drapes and curtains next to your windows.

When cleaning windows one should begin with applying the cleaning solution to the top of the window, working the dirt towards the center of the window from the outside edges. Do not over wet the window and cause the excess solution to run and pool on the window sill or floor.

Before the window has a chance to dry, squeegee the window, starting at the top corner. Make one pass across the glass and angle the blade so that the dirty part of the window rather than back onto the cleaned portion. Wipe the blade clean with the cloth after each pass of the blade.

Finally do not attempt to clean windows in the hot sun. The sun will cause the window to dry before it can be squeezed, causing streaking. Exterior window cleaning, especially on high rise buildings should be left to professional window washers.

When selecting window treatment, functions and appearance should both be considered. The appropriate window covering provides privacy to the person using the room. Also insulation is provided by the window covering. The window covering is a significant design element.

Window treatment can be divided into three categories namely drapery, shades, and blinds. Drapery and curtain fabric should be fire resistance, soil and wear resistant, resistant to sun damage, resistant to molds and mild dew, and wrinkle resistant. Delicate fabrics and loose weaves will quickly lose their shape, will snag and wrinkle, and will wear prematurely. One increasing popular style of drapery for windows is vinyl-lined fabric, because of its increased durability.

Drapery should be vacuumed regularly.
Dry cleaning is the preferred method of restorative cleaning. Most experts agree that dry cleaned drapes will hold their shape better than laundered fabrics.

Window shades are available in a multitude of styles and materials. The shades of windows have a purpose of providing a customized look to the windows while affording privacy to the resident of the room. Shades should also be vacuumed daily. Restorative cleaning methods of the window's shades will depend on the material composition of the shade and will not be same for all compositions.


About the Author
Abagail Odalis is a home restoration specialist who currently works in the New York Carpet Cleaning Industry. Her 20 years of home restoration experience has taught her how to clean, fix and repair everthing from carpets, area rugs to wood floors and diaster clean up.
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Thank You Abagail!

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Bathroom Showers Why a Walk In Shower Could Be Perfect For Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Planning
Why A Walk In Shower Could Be Perfect For Your Bathroom

Bathroom Showers are "In"
Seemingly the walk in shower is becoming an increasingly large element in the design of modern bathrooms. It creates a comfortable look and definitely has many benefits, but what type of style should you go for?

What bathroom shower style is right for you?
There are many considerations to be made when thinking of installing a walk in shower, naturally you will want a look that is fun but also practical, as well as relaxing for the times when all you want is a long hot steamy shower. Here are a few of the more popular walk in shower designs that are currently being installed in people's homes.

Popular Bathroom Walk-In Shower Trend
A popular trend at the moment for walk in showers is the rustic theme. This is unsurprising as most people's shower rooms have limited space, so by bringing in the expanses of nature, a sense of space can be created. This look is easily obtained; in terms of colour schemes you should be considering neutral tones such as earthy browns and yellows.

Recent Bathroom Trend Is Using Natural Materials
Materials when using this design of walk in shower should be as natural as possible, such as stone slabs and wooden fixings. You can, make nature an even larger part of your walk in shower design by placing plants in the shower room or having a mural with an idyllic scene emblazoned upon it.

Bathroom Shower Heads
In terms of the taps and shower head in the walk in area it is advisable to create a distressed look to enhance the rustic style. Using copper can be extremely effective; the slight green tinge to aged copper can be a beautiful design feature of your new walk in shower. Use of beech wood can be useful in creating that cabin look that so many desire, it may not be a sauna, but at least it could look like one.

Walk In Shower Spa Theme
Another commonly used them in walk in shower is the spa theme. This luxurious look can be created by installing a large shower head, or even by installing multiple shower heads. The effect is that your body is massaged by many streams of water and the relaxation that is gained is pure delight. In terms of colour you should go pale. The use of creams and whites for that clean and crisp look is advisable for your walk in shower area. A great touch that works wonders is to place aromatherapy candles and scents around the bathroom to relax you further.

While we have up until this point talked about aesthetic design features for your walk in shower, the shape should also be considered. This is naturally dependent upon the size and shape of your bathroom but here are a few ideas.

Shape Selection For Your Walk In Shower
There is of course the regular shaped square shower that has been present in many people's showers, for an added design feature your walk in shower could include a curved door. This can be considered a clever way to save space in smaller bathrooms.

Contemporary Walk In Shower Design
A contemporary design for a walk in shower has been the use of the pentagonal shape; this is a great combination of style and space. With five sides you have room to stretch and can easily be made larger dependent upon the space at your disposal.

Walk In Showers Add To Home Values
Installing a walk in shower will add to the value of your home if done well. The modern look will be important to buyers who predominantly place a great deal of emphasis upon the kitchen and bathroom. They create an ideal sense of space to even the smallest of bathrooms and in some cases it can be design feature that will swing a sale. While you may worry this kind of design will purely be a fad, the look is timeless and will be elegant for some time to come.

Thankfully, a walk in shower is easy to fit and has benefits for old and young users, if you think that your bathroom could do with a change than maybe this design feature could be for you.


About the Author
Interior design expert Thomas Pretty looks into increased use of the walk in shower in contemporary bathrooms. The source link was not available through Click Articles - If you are the author please email us with your updated link - Thank You!

Article Source :

Thank You Thomas.

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Bathroom Remodeling Planning
Why A Walk In Shower Could Be Perfect For Your Bathroom

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