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What factors do I consider when approaching a basement or attic remodeling job?

Homeowners can use Brands Construction for projects requesting price evaluations for an entire remodeling or renovation job, or simply for an individual portion of the work. With absolutely no cost obligation to the homeowner, Brands Construction provides a practical and effective solution to providing a detailed estimate for your basement or attic project. (FREE QUOTES & PLANS)

Basements present a unique decision-making opportunity to single-family homeowners. When unfinished, a basement exists as a concrete cellar often used for storage and for appliances as laundry machines, dryers, furnaces, boilers and sump pumps. (UNFINISHED = STORAGE & APPLIANCES)



Pictures of Basement on SandCastle Drive in Holland MI.



What are the possibilities for basement finishing?

Finishing a basement automatically increases the value of the home in most markets. It also enriches the home's overall character and attractiveness. Homeowners often finish a basement to expand the livability of the home. How? By creating additional bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. People also plan the basement according to recreational or entertaining elements of their lifestyle.



Taylor Basement Picture in Zeeland MI


Finished basements may include: Custom-made bars and hang out nooks, exercise rooms and/or gaming and play areas, in-home entertainment centers, or an exit to an outdoor kitchen.

When Finished - your basement may no longer be referred to as the basement - instead "the Lower Level!"



Like basements, attics can be transformed from storage areas to  "the Upper Level!"

Considering Factors when thinking about renovating an attic:

Is the attic built to support a habitable space? How accessible is the attic? Height of headroom available? Amount of light and fresh air available for the space? Windows, ventilation requirements, heating and cooling systems, flooring, drywall, painting, and trim and door selection are a few of the elements commonly associated with an attic renovation.


What is the dollar amount for Brands Construction to renovate my basement on my home?

We are providing this information due to your requests to have this information online. Understand this dollar amount varies pending on the options you desire and your individual home setting and size. $11,000.00 $30,000.00 is a common price range for basements.

Attic Renovations $ flexes too much to give you an exact answer to a $ amount - sorry. We appreciate smaller projects such as a one room attic extensions in the $5,000 to $20,000 Range. We also love the opportunity to work on Larger Scale Master Suite and Total Renovations of Second Floors! These Projects often range from $20,000 to over $100,000.

If a tight budget is a concern as it often is we tell our customers we recommend to do less - and do it well! (Include basic features along with one or two "Extras" (Perhaps a Fireplace, Sauna, Whirlpool, Big-screen TV, or Computer Nook) to make the $ you are investing seem more worth while if your budget allows. Then be sure to use quality products and a quality construction company.

"When you buy quality you cry only once! Cut corners and you could be sorry for years to come."


Basements and Attics! 

Is your basement or attic a simple project?


Like Extras?

Movie Rooms - Bedrooms - Offices - we do it all!

 (Including circles & oval designs!)

We can show you how your basement or attic will look for FREE with our computer drafting program. ( It looks like a picture! )

FREE Estimate & Pictures to renovate your home! Before any Fees or Payment!

No Catch, No Fees,  and Reasonable Pricing.

In fact, our pricing is one of the most reasonable rates in the area!


On smaller projects like finishing a basement or attic - Be assured our goal is still the same: Provide work that will last, add extra touches that will make the work something to be proud of, and follow Biblical principles.


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