Home Inspection

What to Look For When Buying a Home.

Is the home of your dreams hiding something?

I have found my new home! The home of my dreams! The home has a nice neighborhood and good schools. The price is right! You are about to make an offer Bbbuuuttttttt - No Butts allowed (In your speech that is).

Wait - Be informed.

A note pad with notes of all concerns which is later moved to a spread sheet is a great idea! Ask yourself Would it be wise to look closer at the home details? Could something be wrong with this house? Avoid a hasty decision. Move the process as quickly as you can Including the information you need to make a complete evaluation.

What should you tell your realtor? I have to wait and would like to schedule a return visit. When should you schedule your return? During daylight hours. Ask your realtor to locate and make copies of any available inspection reports before your visit.

What does it take to be prepared on your return to re-evaluate your potential purchase? Tools? A standard screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a pliers, a flashlight or two, your checklist and pen with a backup, clothes than can get dirty, and a clean up cloth or wet wipes.

Now lets get to work!

Interior and Basement Plumbing Inspection

What is the type of pipe copper, plastic or galvanized? - Look for corrosion or leaks. - Check the flow from sinks, showers and toilets. - Plug drains and fill basins with several inches of water before unplugging to determine blockage.

Test the oven's bake and broiler element and each stove burner.

Open and close every window and every door.

Check the main shutoff valve and the temperature setting of water heaters. Water heater temperature should be set between warm and hot. Run a distant faucet to see if water turns hot within a minute or so.

Check the lumber or wood framing. Termites leave droppings below an infested area. Wood boring beetles leave small circles. Fungus makes wood appear white. Is an area suspicious? Poke gently at it with your screwdriver to determine the wood condition. Does the screwdriver sinks in easily? If Yes Then pest or mold infestation is likely.

Do you notice any unusual odors? ( Gas or sewage? ) This is the first sign of a leaky line.

Turn on the air conditioner and furnace on arrival and run the entire time you are at the home. (Note�the furnace does often smell when it is turned on because dust is burned off the coils)

Do your eyes go to the ceilings? They should. Look at the ceilings in every room for stains indicating water has made an entrance.

Walk, walk, walk. Walk over all floors checking for softness or squeaking. Look up when in the basement and check sub flooring (floor over the support joists).

 Lighting Does each fixture work? Change bulbs from a working fixture when unsure.

The Great Out Doors Your Home Exterior

Circuit breaker amperage is marked on box (Breaker total amperage - at least 150 amps)

Roof: Look at the roof line and condition of roof covering (shingles or tile) Roof Eaves Look for water staining.

Foundation Look for cracks and settling. Water Drainage Sloping away from home.

Plumbing visible? Check for leaks. Sprinkler System? Test each zone.

Lighting? Test fixtures Try changing the light bulbs ( :-) Your wipe cloth is now needed ).


Congratulations! Your inspection is finally over. Soon will begin the Negotiation process.

First Roughly estimate the cost of upgrades. Call a contractor or check with a home improvement center . Is the cost to bring the home up to your minimum standards more than you want to spend? Take into consideration the price of the home and comparable properties if it is too high then continue shopping. If your total cost is not then determine the price you want to offer based on these improvements and let your realtor know. The price negotiation begins here.

This Real estate contract stipulation should be included The sale will only go through provided, among other things, that the professional inspection meets the buyer's approval. If the inspection points out too many problems, you can ask the seller to make repairs or credit you, or you can back out with no penalties.

Are you falling head over heels for a property? Does infatuation often lead to a long, unsatisfying relationship? Then Do a complete evaluation before you make your decision, and move on. If it is the right deal the home may sell quickly and often does. Rather than hold off on the purchase of your dreams this guide is help you find the information you need so you are confident in the decision made and understand an approximate investment dollar to be placed into your next home. This guide may exclude portions of your homes evaluation. Ask opinions from others and go to your local library for additional reference materials.

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