Types of Lighting


There are four basic types of artificial indoor lighting:

· ·  Ceiling Lighting is the name given to a light source that gives the room a “glow” of light from above (some people also refer to this as ambient lighting). Ceiling lights should be used as a starting point for lighting your indoor space.


· · Task Lighting is more practical. It illuminates specific areas of the home used in daily activities (cooking, reading or watching television).


· · Accent Lighting provides a point of interest in a room. It can highlight a piece of art or an architectural element.


· · Decorative Lighting is used for decorating, but it differs from accent lighting in that the lighting itself is art.



Natural Light Sources

Natural light (also known as kinetic lighting), is not as reliable as artificial lighting, but can be used wherever possible in your home. The light produced by the sun can’t be matched by artificial lighting, and it’s free! Be sure to take natural light into consideration when you:

· · Choose the location of your home. If you have a garden, you’ll want to make sure it has ample sunlight and that the daily sun phases will meet your needs.

· · Design the layout of your home. If you’re a morning person, you may enjoy the early morning sunlight in your room. If not, it could disturb your sleeping patterns.

· · Situate furniture in a room. No one likes sunlight glaring on their television screens, so thus organize your room.

· · Select window coverings.



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